Why You Should Take Jake

Jake Satisky's Dating Profile

5 Deal Makers and Deal Breakers

  1. Must have sense of humor
  2. Must be able to hold their own in conversation
  3. Must be intelligent and engaging
  4. Must hold some similar interests
  5. Must be fun to be with and to talk to


  1. Doesn't appreciate or get sarcasm
  2. Never wants to hang out
  3. Or, on the flipside, is way too clingy
  4. Is a UNC fan (haha just kidding)
  5. Doesn't accept me for who I am, wants to change my personality

"Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart famously said 'I'll know it when I see it' concerning obscenity. I guess the same can be said about love." - Jake Satisky

"Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you." Loretta Young

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Dream Date

My dream date would start by going to do something fun, like bowling or putt-putt or some other activity. Being a gentleman, I might just let her win, but that depends on how competitive she is (hopefully she is competitive, I like that). Afterwards, we would get something to eat at a restaurant, a casual one, somewhere between fast food and fancy. Conversation flourishes, because she'll be a super interesting person. Once dinner's over, we go to my car and drive around for awhile, just to have some alone time together. We finally end up back at her place after our perfect date, and that's how it ends.
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