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Intervention Zone

Looking at Data: In looking at the number of behavior referrals made this year, our school data showed that an area of concern is recess time. We had high numbers of referrals for students using inappropriate language and playing rough. Our goal this year as a team is to share our data with the school as well as ideas to help curve these trends and improve school wide behavior (The 3 B's). We hope that you will find these tips useful!

How can we improve behavior during recess?

Several WSES teachers have great class wide reward systems in place! The benefit to having a class wide reward is that it brings students together to work towards a common goal. You may wish to incorporate good playground behavior, including respectful language, into your classroom goal. Here are a couple ideas:

· Competition-driven systems: These are reward systems in which students become competitive to reach their goal. For example, you could split your class into two groups (Side A/Side B). When displaying positive behavior, the group will earn a tally mark. Whichever group earns the most tallies at the end of the day will earn a reward.

Another example would be having a positive vs. negative, or “yay” vs. “uh-oh”, competition as some teachers already have in place. When the class displays positive behavior, they receive a tally mark in the “yay” (or positive) section. When they display negative behavior, they receive a tally mark in the “uh-oh” (or negative) section. If they have more “yays” at the end of the day, they earn the reward. It’s best to keep the tallies close (for example, look for positive behavior if you have 10 negatives and only a few positives), as to increase the competition and motivation for earning a reward.

· Spelling out the reward: Another class wide intervention is using good behavior to earn letters daily, which in turn spell out a reward that the class is working towards. For example, if the reward is extra recess time, the class will work towards spelling R-E-C-E-S-S. If they displayed positive behavior throughout the day (using your own guidelines to measure “success”), they will earn an “R”. The next day they could earn an “E”, and so on. The reward can be known to them or it can be a mystery in which they may be eager to figure out what they’re working towards.

· Reward examples: The best thing you can do is ask your class what they would like to work towards so that it is motivating for them. Here are some ideas for rewards:

o eating lunch in class

o eating lunch outside

o extra recess time

o movie/popcorn

o game day

o hat day

o pajama day

"Students learn appropriate behavior in the same way a child who doesn’t know how to read learns to read—through instruction, practice, feedback, and encouragement."


Media Matters...

Our final Award's Rally is fast approaching and it's time to think about which students demonstrate the following character traits: Self-Discipline, Perseverance, Integrity, and Good Judgement. Below are some book ideas that target each of these traits and support our 3 B's.

Good Judgement

The Hundred Penny Box by Sharon Mathis- Michael's love for his great-great-aunt who lives with them leads him to intercede with his mother, who wants to toss out all her old things.
"Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results." ~Willie Nelson


  • Returning to school after the holiday break is a great time to review the 3 B’s with your students. Maybe take a walk around the school and review what is expected in each area.

  • There have still been a few locked doors in the bathrooms. Remind students about appropriate bathroom expectations. It is not a place to play!

  • Brrrr! It’s cold outside. Now that we have some winter weather remind students to double check the play ground for their winter accessories. They can help clean up some trash too!