Renaissance Music History Tour

June 20-28 2015

Ferrara, Italy

To start this Renaissance Music History Tour we will go to Ferrara Italy. Ferrara is in Northern Italy and it is a half an hour train ride form Venice. Josquin des Prez used to work in Ferrara. Josquin des Prez worked in Ferrara at 1503 when Duke Ercole hired him. While in Ferrara, Josquin wrote some of his most famous compositions in Ferrara including Miserere. Josquin des Prez did not work in Ferrara very long because in the summer of 1503 the bubonic plague broke out and Josquin des Prez needed to move.

Saint-Quentin, France

On this Renaissance Music History Tour we will also go to Saint-Quentin, France. Saint-Quentin is in Northern France. Saint-Quentin, France was founded by the Romans and has a population of about 60,000 people. Josquin des Prez was a choirboy with his friend and colleague Jean Mouton at Saint-Quentin's royal church, probably around 1460. Jean Mouton was a Franco Flemish composer who was friends with Josquin. Saint-Quentin is in Picardy.

Antwerp, Belgium

In Antwerp one of the sites that we will be visiting is the Cathedral of Our Lady. This is some history of Johannes Ockeghem at this Cathedral. The first actual documented record of Ockeghem is from the Cathedral of our Lady in Antwerp. Ockeghem was employed on June 1443 as a "left-hand choir singer ("left-handers" sang composed music, "right-handers" sang chant). Ockeghem probably sang under the direction of Johannes Pullois, whose employment also dates from that year. Antwerp is a beautiful city and there is lots to do other than going to this Cathedral.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Amsterdam is another beautiful city we will be visiting on this Renaissance Music History Tour. Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands. Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck used to like in Amsterdam. Sweelinck moved to Amsterdam right after birth. Sweelinck received his fist music lessons form his father who worked at the Oude Kerk. Sweelinck played a lot of music at the Oude Kerk in his life. Sweelinck was also buried at the Oude Kerk. Amsterdam is a great place to go with lots of thing to see.

Beersel, Belgium

Beersel is a very small Belgian city with the population of about 25,000 people. The famous musician Guillaume Dufay was born in Beersel. Guillaume only lived in Beersel for a few years. Beersel is most famous for the castle called Kasteel van Beersel. The castle was built between 1300-1300 so it is very old. If you go to Beersel the first place you should go to is the castle. I went to this castle before and I find it very beautiful.

Bologna, Italy

Bologna is a big city in Northern Italy. Bologna is very famous for fashion. The famous Musician Guillaume Dufay lived in Bologna. While he was in Bologna he became a deacon. After shortly after Guillaume became a deacon he became a priest in Bologna. Bologna also has very good food. Bologna is a great place to be.