Kepler 452b

Earth 2.0

Planet Description

Kepler 452b AKA Earth 2.0 is a planet located in the Habitable Zone 1,400 light years away. Kepler 452b is 60% larger than Earth (20,387.17 Km) and its distance from its sun (Kepler 452) is 15,70,77,763.77 Km. The length of a year on Kepler 452b is 358 days and its length of days are 25.2 hours. The temperature on Kepler 452b would be similar to Earth since the are about the same distance from their sun's. Kepler 452b does not have any moons or rings and the planet's surface will be rocky with active volcanos and a thick atmosphere. The gravitational pull will be twice as much so if you weigh 61.24Kg on Earth, you will weigh 122.48Kg on Kepler 452b. The age difference would not be much being that Kepler 452b has only 20 more days in a year.
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The Big Launch

Friday, Feb. 2nd 2418 at 8am

Cape Canaveral Florida

We will be leaving Earth on a shuttle on February 2, 2418 at 8:00Am at the Cape Canaveral Space Station in Florida. The shuttle can hold about 200,000 passengers including 5,000 scientists and engineers. The trip will take over 14,000 years to arrive on Kepler452b, you will be given a shot that consists of a tranquilizer and a preservative. When we arrive you will be 14,000 years older but will look and feel the same as when we left.

Problems and solutions

1) Rocky terrain- Build special rovers that can climb over rocks and create special footwear.

2) Active volcanos- Avoid building civilizations close to volcanos and build a thick wall around the civilization.

3) Change to our bodies due to increased surface gravity- Our bodies over time will get stronger, we can create a prescription that will keep our bodies the same.

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