I Have a Dream...

Kingston University, I am on my way!

My Dream.

My dream is is to help people with out clothing, and getting into Kingston University's fashion program would help that dream blossom. Going to Walmart or even going into classrooms, many kids don't have clothes to wear. In the dead of winter you can see them in shorts or even flip flops, and the main reason is because the parents don't have enough money. So since they do not have money to buy a 30 dollar jacket they get regular 5 dollar t-shirts instead. Growing up for me was really simple, my parents always had clothes for me. I had jackets, long sleeve shirts, and snow boots for the winter. When I went to school when I was younger I never understood why kids wouldn't wear warm clothing, but now I do. For me getting into the Kingston Uni fashion program, I can help children by making personalized clothing for each them so they can have a warm winter and a cool summer. Giving children clothes with out clothing is like giving me a puppy, they both offer a smile on your face.

This is my Dream!