Taylor the Sorcerer

The more I learn about humans the more I like my dog.

Self Awareness

Skills: Math, Science, Reading, Joking, Electronics, Animals

Interest: Animals, Video games

Values: Pleasure, Religion, Money, Leadership, Creativity

Self-Esteem: I have a well balanced realistic sense of self esteem

Learning Style: Interpersonal

My career as a Veterinarian

Desription: vets take care of sick or injured animals and treat and research their illnesses

median salary anual: $84,460 annual

Job outlook: faster than average

Cluster: agricuturel

Schedule:long hours sometimes on weekends

Work environment:Although most veterinarians work in private clinics, others travel to farms, work outdoors, or work in laboratories

Interesting factaloon:i found it interesting that vets did not just treat household pets they treat farm animals too

Goal stetting section

I'd like to go to ross medical education center

Located in indiana, michigan, kentucky, ohio, and west virginia

I chose a random one from a list from the internet because I haven't prepared for college yet

I'd like to get my doctorate in veterinary medicine

I hope for a academic scholarship

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