Trailblazer Times

April 27-May 1, 2015


**April 27: DCE Reads One Book Kick Off in the Gym @ 8:00am (right after announcements)

April 27: SBDM Meeting @ 3:15pm in DCE Library

*April 27: GEMS Awards @ Ad Building @ 6:00pm....Angela Knipe receiving one!!

April 27: Spanish Love and Logic Parent Training in DCE Library 6:00-7:30pm

April 28: 1st Grade Field Trip


*April 29: Retirement for Marla McGinnes at the Ad Building 3:00 to 4:30pm

April 29: GT Training with Martha: place TBD @ 3:15pm...sign up in Eduphoria

*April 29: Current Grades Submitted by 8:00am

April 30: PreK at Kid Kountry AM & PM Classes

April 30: Last Day to Clock Flex Hours

**May 1: Last Parent Learning Walk for this school year 7:50-10:00am (as we did before)

*May 1: 2nd Grade Plant Feast in cafeteria 8:30-10:00am

*May 1: Progress Reports Go Home

*May 5: Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast 7:30-8:30am in DCE cafeteria (watch for info this week)


1. Tell Liz if your grade will not be eating in the cafeteria AT LEAST 2 WEEKS in advance.

2. Please make sure you have signed all walk throughs and observations. You will NOT electronically sign your summative. You will sign this in person during your summative conference.

3. Please make sure you have set your conference day with me. I only have a few teachers/grade levels! If you have not set yours yet, please do so before the end of the day on Monday.

4. PLEASE PLEASE make every effort to be at school. The kids need you! :) You actually can not be replaced with a sub...especially this time of the year! If too many people ask for personal days on the same day, I will have to not approve those that come in last. Remember ALL requests for personal days MUST be submitted 2 weeks in advance. Requests for personal days the last two weeks of school must go through Kristen Steeter's office. (see me if you have questions or need help)

5. Don't forget to put a copy of any progress report you need to send home in my box.


April 7: Lisa Evans

April 14: Heather Chambers

April 14: Jeannie Tierney

April 20: Erin Huffman

April 20: Tammy Mandel

April 22: Heather Gahring

April 26: Nancy Neergaard


CELEBRATE...Barbara for all the work she does to ensure we are test ready!! Barbara, you are the Queen of Tests!

CELEBRATE...Everyone who gave a test for your OUTSTANDING active monitoring! We got LOTS of compliments from those who came to observe!

CELEBRATE...Everyone who wasn't testing for ensuring your learners were quiet! We know that it really hard when learners are so used to collaborating!

CELEBRATE...Kinder for their AMAZING integration of curriculum into their Animal Parade! The parade was so much fun and the kids did a great job of designing their habitats!

CELEBRATE...Angela who will receive a GEM Award on Monday for her amazing creativity for lesson design in music! Our kiddos love learning about music and how it is so much more than "just singing"!

CELEBRATE...Peggy, Tammy, and Kelly who are forever serving as the general education teacher during ARD meetings!

CELEBRATE...Kendra who has to cover classrooms for teachers during ARD meetings that have to occur during off times!

CELEBRATE...Everyone who is cleaning their storage rooms!! I know you really didn't have a choice but I love how you are not waiting to the last minute!

CELEBRATE....Lisa E, Kim, Kendra, and Tricia for their planning of DCE Reads One Book!