Project Footprints

Better Education the Better world.

"Those who have the privilege to know ,has a duty to act. " Albert Einstein

Project Footprints says - " You cannot control what is their in students bank account, but you can change what they have in their emotional and mental account. "

This is the national project which is organized by AIESEC in India, it concentrates on teaching the underprivileged section of society, so their basic right to education can also be fulfilled. This project also aligns to one of the SDGs which is worked by UN that is Quality education.

Your actions will include.


A city that is widely known for its vibrant colours and ethnicity, Jaipur is the looking glass into the royal history of India. The heroic chronicles of the Rajputs and the traditional lifestyle of locals attracts tourists from different corners of the world round the years. Jaipur holds the royal pages of India’s historical chapters and one can feel its essence from the massive forts and palatial buildings. Along with Agra and New Delhi, Jaipur is a part of the famous Golden Triangle Tour in India. Today, Jaipur is known as the city that has perfectly blended tradition with modernity. While having forts and palaces, the city has flourished with industries, shopping malls and multiplexes, thereby becoming one of the best travel destinations in India.

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