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Thanksgiving is portrayed be history books and media as a grand feast, between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans. It is said to have been a peacemaker that united the two groups in friendship. Studies into the first Thanksgiving show that most of America’s ideas regarding the holiday are false. According to History, "the first Thanksgiving was held in 1621, after the first corn harvest of the Pilgrims in the New World." The Wampanoag Indians were their guest in the feast, which included fowl and deer. The event was considered to be a celebration for the successful harvest in the new land, it lasted three days.

Thanksgiving has been the holiday that is known today ever since, President Franklin D. Roosevelt set the official date of the last Thursday of November in 1939. In the year 2014, there are now many Thanksgiving traditions that American families use to celebrate the holiday. One of the most widely spread traditions is the eating of a Turkey. Many families make a large meal with a whole turkey as the centerpiece. There is also Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, which is watched and enjoyed by millions of Americans. The parade is held in New York City every year and is broadcast across the country. Another famous tradition is the pardoning of the turkey, in this event the President selects a turkey, or two, to pardon from the slaughter of the holiday.

There are a few unique traditions that American families use to celebrate the thanksgiving holiday, for example some families watch movies, or eat take out instead of making a feast, and talking over the meal.

-D'Angela Henderson

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The Band

Andrews marching band on November the second, won first place in the 2A state competition at Durham Memorable Stadium, at three o’clock, with the most points.

The marching band has done it again! The drumline and the marching band won everything expect for one category. Drumline has won nine categories by this point in the competition. It started at three o’clock and ended around eight o’clock. It started at a warm seventy degrees outside, and dropped to a cold thirty-five degrees. The whole band concluded that it was very cold outside that day, and that they would go back if it wasn’t so cold! After their big win, they rewarded themselves with Wendy’s for dinner!

“I felt kind of surprised and nervous.” says Bianca Crawford, when asked how it felt when the band kept winning categories.

“That we were doing something good. That all of our hard work, time, and energy were worth it! I would totally go again, and do what we do best!” says Vincent Graham, when asked how it felt when the band kept winning categories, and would you go again.

“Sections leaders from all different colleges were talking to the seniors. Showing them what they could do, and asking them if they wanted to be apart of that college; it was also very entertaining to watch, and very live.” says Vincent Graham, when asked for extra details that he enjoyed.

-Brittany Jones

AVID College Door Competition

On November the third, the Andrews staff concluded the AVID College Door competition, during a staff meeting, to raise awareness for colleges and their requirements.

Some of the honorable mentions include, Windbush, Murray, Bawlson, Mabry, and Shearin. I received a interview from one of our honorable mentions, Ms. Windbush. “College is my thing! I really want everyone to go to college. My door has a concept and I liked the colors.” says Ms. Windbush, when asked did you like the college you choose, and why did you like this competition. Some of the requirements that the staff members had to follow for each door were the following; the mascot, school colors, GPA/SAT/ACT requirements, majors that colleges offers, the athletics, clubs, and specialties. If the doors did not met these requirements then they were not able to win! The Staff were given colleges, by choosing at random out of a container. Each staff member was required to do a college door.

In third place was Mr. Joyner, with UNC Chapel Hill. In second place was Ben Robinson, with Virginia Tech. The winner was Ms. Aguilera, with Clemson. These winners received gift cards and extra copies. Which for a teacher is a pretty good gift!

The administration team were the judges, they also announced the winners. The AVID College Door Competition was used to raise awareness for students, and to show them all the options that certain colleges have; and to show that there are different options for everybody, and don’t get discouraged if you don’t go where you want to go.

-Brittany Jones

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