Ayoreo Tribe

by Isabella and Taylor


  • Desn't have a distinct leader or chief
  • represented by a group named CANOB (Central Ayoreo Nativo del Oriente Boliviano)
  • They have four titles to Native Community Lands, whose populations range from 157 to 384 people
  • They help tribes who are having their land rect.
  • people from local cities are bulldozing the Ayoreos plants, homes, and forests.
  • Ayoreo indians are protesting at the government inaction over illegal deforestation
  • Overall, they do what they please and try to maintain a peaceful environment.


  • Ayoreo is a small tribe in Paraguay.
  • Paraguay is the third poorest country in south america
  • more than 35 percent lives in conditions of poverty and about 20 percent in extreme poverty.
  • Ayoreo is a poor tribe but they survive off of trading, farming and creating industrial art.
  • They hung and gather their food.
  • most of their income comes from fishing and making weaponry
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-Gran Chaco Region

-Grande Rivers


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-Discovered in 1720's

-Missionary groups

-Chaco War

-"The Effectiveness of Symbols"





-Social Order


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