Ancient Egypt

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Historian- Caroline

They started by farming next to the Nile river in about 500BC. The Pharaoh's were the some important people in all of ancient Egypt. Some of them were Ramses the second, Queen Hatsheput,And King tut. Ramses the second was learning how to fight when he was just ten years old. King Tut died nine years after taking the throne at age eighteen he married his half sister Anleheshamn.

Queen Hatsheput was married to Thutmose the second who died shortly after they married the throne was going to be left to his son Thutmose the third.But he was far to young to rule so she disgusted her self as a man and she became king. New kingdom is when Egypt reached full power and glory it only lasted from 1150 to 1050BC.Old Kingdom is when most of the people who lived in egypt where tomb builder and farmers it was from 2700BC to 2200BC.They started by farming, then hunting they slowly worked there way up to villages,citys,and towns.In 1200BC war broke out and it distroyed the southern part of ancient Egypt.

Anthropologist- Riley

Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptian civilization started around 500 BC in the area of Nile River Valley in the north eastern part of Africa. When they settled near the Mesopotamia Sea they started coming up with myths. The ancient Egyptians believed in many gods. Such as Re the god of the sun, god of the underworld Osiris, also Isis god of magic, last but not least Horus the god of two the sky and the Pharaohs. Probably the most important achievements the ancient Egyptians did was they invented writing. It first started as a bunch of pictures put together to make a story. The hieroglyphics started with the Egyptians about 3100 BC. They mostly made story's on walls of temples and tombs.

Geographer- Aria

Ancient Egypt is located in the northern east of Africa it's divided by the red sea. Some of the ways they used natural resources, they grew wheat, barley and flax. They used these things for beer, bread and linen. They cultivated the land for the cattle they raised the beast of burden. Egyptian farmers grew wheat, fruit and veggies. The rivers had fish and water. They hunted wild ducks, they raised sheep. They where geographically lucky because they had the Nile river that pervaded water and fish. Today Egypt is located in northern Africa.

Archaeologist- Elisha

Objects that were important in the civilization were bowls, bracelets, trays, etc. Even makeup and perfume were valuable back then! Many inventions were also made for battle uses. Such as axes, swords, helmets, spears, wrist guards, and many more. The legacy of Ancient Egypt were temples. Because many people in Egypt were polytheistic, (meaning they believed in many gods) so architects in the civilization would design many temples for different gods such as Osiris, Isis, Horus, etc. Some inventions even impacted a humongous chunk of our daily lives! Think about it. It's your turn to set the table, what's the first thing you get? The bowls right? But Egyptians INVENTED the bowl! So imagine eating without a bowl disgusting right?! So Egyptians helped impact our daily lives. There are is a story about though ready to hear it? Okay. At first, there was only Nun. She was the dark waters of chaos. One day, a hill rose up from the waters called Ben-Ben. On this hill stood Atum, the first god. Atum coughed and spat out Shu, the god of air, and Tefnut the goddess of moisture. Shu and Teftnut had two children. First there was Geb the god of earth, then there was Nut the goddess of the sky. Shu lifted Nut up so she became a canopy over Geb. Nut and Geb had four children named Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nepthys. Osiris was the king of the earth and Isis was the queen. Osiris was a good king and he ruled over the earth for many years. However, Seth was jealous of Osiris because he wanted to be the ruler of the earth. He grew angrier, and angrier until one day he killed Osiris. Osiris went down to the underworld and Seth became the king of the earth (literally!). Osiris and Isis had one son named Horus. Horus battled against Seth and regained the throne. After that Horus was the king of the earth and Osiris was the King of the Underworld.