Phoenix Flyer

February 2018

Art Show at District Office

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Why We Need Art

by Faith Thalacker

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” - Pablo Picasso

Art encompasses many different forms, not just drawing and painting as some may think. Writing, dancing, and music are alternative forms of art as well. We all have at least one of these that we can completely lose ourselves in. Putting your emotions into creation is what will keep you healthy, mentally. Next time you have anger you just can’t figure out what to do with, get some paint and paper. Let your emotions spill into whatever your doing. Drop the idea that you have to be “good” at it. First of all, no one was good at art before hours of practice, and it’s never too late to start. Second of all, it doesn’t have to be something others validate. Use art as a helpful tool for managing emotions. If you let it, art can be a wonderful coping skill.

Basketball Team Travels to Sacramento

Press release by Coach Eric Smith

The San Antonio Phoenix basketball team traveled to Sacramento and took the floor at Golden 1 Arena against Laguna High School on Monday February 26. Playing as the home team from the King's bench, Rico Medina started the Phoenix off with some early buckets to take a 6-0 lead, and he and Adrian Pleitez led a great team effort. Cristian Valencia drained an NBA length 3 before the break. Jafet Azpeitia added a basket in the 2nd half, and there was solid defense played by Katina Williams. Up by 1 for the last two minutes of the game Rico Medina scored at the buzzer to make the final score 32-29 for the victory.

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Cooking Club

The Cooking Club celebrated the Superbowl and Valentine's Day by creating festive dishes for each holiday. Mrs. McGarry showed students how to make artichoke dip and chili cheese dip for easy Superbowl recipes. For Valentine's Day she taught students how to make chocolate fondue and explained fondue etiquette (no double dipping!).

Lola's Market

Mrs. Burrough's Spanish class visited Lola's Market. The purpose of the trip was to practice ordering food in Spanish. Students toured the store and purchased some items. They enjoyed a meal together. Mary Cobliegh says that it was a good experience and it was nice for students to spend time together.