Child obesity

It say's

It says : “today's children will be the first generation for some time to have poorer health outcomes and a shorter life expectancy than their parents."

I say

I say: While I was reading the article I saw this quote and it really caught my attention. Why? Well because it said today’s children! And I one of today’s children. I want to know what is going on around me. And what is going to happen. My parents always told me that if you have good health then you have everything. Having poor health care is not good at all. Today’s children will be the first generation why first what about all the other generations! I use to think that we will grow over the years and people would become smarter and smarter! With helping humans not making their lives shorter. And just the fact that it says that we are going to have shorter lives scares me a lot. Makes me wonder what's going to happen in the future. Those are the reasons why this quote caught my attention!

And so

And so: This matters to me because I feel that their are so many things to do around the world. If I die soon what will happen to starbucks or tim hortons. What we can do is become more healthy and active! By having more movement in our lives and taking care of ourselves. Maybe going for a walk once a day. Exploring nature! And seeing what else there is to see not just our phone screens.