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December Newsletter

December Team Stats!

TEAM SALES $ 106,628


Judith Robinson

Mary Creaven

Lujuana Cardenales

Julian Perez

Kayla Hogencamp

Phillip Angeles

Nilza Oyola

Linda Baylis

Lori Falk

Kristie Callahan

Lori Aumack

Samantha Hart

Maureen Galan

The NEST is now offering NEW DESIGNER Training!!


If you were already registered, no worries, you should receive an email with instructions on how to watch the playback from last night.

If you did not register for the training sessions prior to last night's session, send an email to requesting a link to the playback from week one and also request to be registered for the next 2 sessions. The next session is on Thursday, 1/22 at 8pm.

Register for the next 2 weeks. Invest an hour a week for training on your business, you won't regret it!…/3435754298184903938

Even if you are not a NEW Designer. It is a great idea to sit in on this trainging. Just to see what they are offering. You never know you might pick something up.

Summit Academy- Sign up today!!

This is an awesome opportunity to grow! Make the commitment. I guarantee you wont want to miss out!! The Summit Academy is training that is based on your Level.
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Who is going to SOAR!

Who is excited about the NEW SOAR to Success Program? Jump start or Restart your business today! Available for all Designers at the "Designer Level"
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Create your Dream Board!!

I found this great site to create your vision board. Save it to your screen saver and be reminded everyday what you are striving for!

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Please don't forget to request to join it is a website that will have team webinars, videos and training information at your disposal.

Please request to join our Facebook Groups:

Hope you enjoyed this newsletter!!!



July 23,24,25

Rooms as low as $50 (4 to a room)

Team Meeting!! Monday January 26, 2015

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When scheduling a Launch.. Be sure to schedule 2 dates within a few days from each other. Use the second day for the back up when people tell you they can't make the first date! This will start your career off with a BANG! (Be sure to use a weekday and a weekend)

When attending Vendor events: Use our paper Origami Owl bags in the back office. This way people will be advertising that Origami Owl is in the House!! When you are personally out and about. Carry one with all your information included. This way if someone stops have all your information handy!! Mall walking is a great idea this time of year!!

Have a tip to share?? Email me and I will include it in the next issue of our Newsletter.