Notes from Mrs. Thompson

December 1st

Milkshake Word Blends!

Click the link below (highlighted in red) to go to our Blog. See how we created a milkshake blend to intro our new Word Study pattern.

News!!! Word Work Spelling Test NEXT Week!

  • Our Word Work study this week focuses on digraph blends. Digraph blends are two or more letters that "blend" together all of their own phonemes to make a new one (i.e. bl-, sp-, tr-, thr-, spl-). Word examples include: blend, spirit, track, throw, splinter.

Click on the red button below to go to our class Symbaloo page for videos and games for this pattern.

  • Test info: We used today to review what digraph blends are. We will brainstorm and choose our weekly words tomorrow. So...our spelling test will be next Monday, December 8th.

A Few Pictures from our "Hot Seat" Sight Words Game

The week before we got out for Fall Break, we used Thanksgiving-themed games to explore our Sight Words. We played a game called Hot Seat to review. One learner sat in the "Hot Seat" the turkey headband on! They then faced away from the board as a sight word was projected behind them. The Hot Seat turkey then asked volunteers for clues. The clues were ideas like "It rhymes with________," or "It has _____ syllables," or "It is a synonym/antonym of _______," or "You would see this word ___________," or "It means ___________." No clues relating to the spelling of the word were allowed. The Hot Seat turkey then guessed the word based on the clues. They did GREAT with this!

Substitutes this Week

I will be out on Tuesday and Thursday of this week. Thursday I will be visiting a school with Mrs. Smith to learn new techniques for reaching your learners. I can't wait to learn something new!

Please contact the office with any transportation changes you may have on those days. I will be checking my email to answer and questions/concerns you may have this week.

Have a great week!