New York

New York is fur you!

New York was named for James the Duke of York

The New York Colony was founded in 1626 by the Duke of York and other colonists on Manhattan Island.
Named after the Duke of York and Albany, the brother of King Charles II of England.
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New Riches

In 1609, Dutch merchants hired English explorer Henry Hudson to sail across the Atlantic Ocean one voyage that I would be part of. We had hoped Hudson would find a sea passage to Asia. We wanted to bring silk and other goods back from Asia. After several days at sea, Hudson's ship landed at what is now our home New York. Following a couple months of searching we did not manage to find a shortcut to Asia. So many of our men left back to Europe. However some of us stayed to claim the land Hudson had found and explored. We began to build trading posts and villages here. A few years passed and the Dutch West India Company was created. We had hoped to gain riches in our new home. Due to the charter our company had gotten we acquired land and started a new colony called New Netherland. The company sent a ship of new settlers to New Netherland in 1624. Soon after we built a trading post called Fort Orange. The following year, we built New Amsterdam. Our settlement later became New York City. Many of my people sought new riches and enjoyed their religion freedom our new found land had to offer.
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