The Sky Is The Limit

Women's Airforce Service Pilot


But wartime propaganda was pervasive encouraging women go to work “for the duration."(Women Airforce Service Pilots-TWU)

Women were becoming vital to the war effort, and newspapers, magazines, radio addresses, and movies were neither letting women nor America forget.(Women Airforce Service Pilot-TWU)

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Flying and Leaving Home

more than a thousand women left homes and jobs for the opportunity of a lifetime(Women Airforce Service Pilot-TWU)

They paid for their own uniforms, lodging, and personal travel to and from home(Women Airforce Service Pilot)

The WASP flew every type of plane in the Army’s arsenal and served as flight instructors(Women Airforce Service Pilot)

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Discrimination & Success

I learned to fly an airplane from a former World War ace. If only I were a man there would be a place for me.(Women Airforce Service Pilot-TWU)

WASP finally gained their belated militarization from Congress in 1977.(Women Aiforce Service Pilot)

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W.A.S.P.S. (Women's Airforce Service Pilots) Video

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