Maycomb County times



Seen on Friday a mad dog wandering down the Main Street towards the Finches' house. Calpurnia called Atticus, who soon returned home with Heck Tom. Heck, being the sheriff he brought his rifle. Heck Tom is the sheriff of the town so why would he tell Atticus to shoot the dog. The sheriff of the town should be confidant enough to shoot a dog that might be threatening to our town. We talked to some people in our community and many of them said that the dog was killed for no reason and that Atticus shouldn't have shot him. After Atticus shot the dog, Miss Maudie told Scout and Jem about how Atticus used to have the best shot in town. It seems like everybody in town knew that except them, that is weird because wouldn't you want to brag about him being called one shot finch. Seems like Atticus might not be that self conceded as some might think.

Radley shoots at negro

We all know how mysterious Mr.Radley is so it must have been big because he actually went onto the porch and shot at a negro in his collards. We don't know who the negro was or what they were looking for but Mr.Radley really knew how to scare them away. Right after the scene there was nobody to be found, no negros fleeing from the scene. It's really hard for us to determine why he was there but we think the negro could have been trying to steal something of Mr.Radley's
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Sweet Miss Maudie's house on fire!

Our dearest Miss Maudie's house on fire! Nobody knows the reason but it was quite odd. Out of the blue a house on fire? Maybe a negro started it but we aren't sure because miss Maudie's was nice to everybody. Everybody was out on the street watching her house dissapear, men had to push the fire truck to the scene and put the fire out, everything will be okay though because Miss Maudie's is staying with her friend Stephanie.