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December Staff Newsletter ~ 2015

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Christmas Around the World Resources

Come by the library with your flash drive to save a copy of resources you can use!
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"Photo" Directions for Reindeer Candy Cane Craft

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Let our FREE SAMPLE of Capstone help out this month!

User Name: winter15

Password: snow

Stories are read beautifully

Almost all are A.R. testable

You can control the language and book level


Computer Center

Online Library

Projected Read Alouds

Many countries are represented in Christmas Around the World. Search "Christmas"

We received a Match Grant from Capstone Interactive, but we would like to know if you like the resources!

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Resource help for Grade Level/Class Projects

Let me help you put together resources that user friendly and student safe for an easy way get kids working on research independently.

Here's a sample of a site I worked on for a class:

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Don't forget to log in through MackinVia to utilize the resources we have available through Region I. They are reporting to Central Office on the amount of use each campus has - I'll get back to you on our ranking. ☺

User Name: psjareedmock

Password: psja

Feel free to share our Reed Mock "Family" username and password with students and parents. We are not allowed to share them via Living Tree or Website, however, just FYI.

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Usernames & Passwords Are On Their Way!

In the meantime, feel free to use my account. I believe there are videos for the various international Christmas celebrations.

User Name: raychelt

Password: catrat

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Infotopia & Kidtopia - Safe Sites for Kids

❄️Need Some Fresh Resources? Come borrow some of mine!❄️

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Need a holiday inspired read aloud or class set? Let me help you find the perfect one!🎄

Mrs. Raychel - Librarian

Keep in touch if you need help with anything at all!