Maniac Magee

By Jerri Spinelli

Main Character(s)

Le Main Characters are:

Maniac Magee

(Maybe) Amanda Beale (Magee's friend)

What is le storyline?

This kid's parents dies at the age of four. The kid has to go live with their weird aunt and uncle. He gets kicked out for some reason.(I know the reason) He runs into a neighborhood a different race from his and meets Amanda where they end up being friends. Amanda's parents take Maniac Magee in to live because he technically has no home. And more stuff happens.

Did I like this novel?

Not really it wasn't as intriguing as I hope it would be. I didn't really have a favorite part of the book. but if I had to choose one I would say the end because that's when I get to close the book and think "Could I have done something better than read this book?" If I could change anything about the book I would change how Maniac Magee became an orphan in a matter of seconds. Maniac has a tough life being kicked out his aunt's and uncle's house.

I recommend toy skip this book when you are in the library. If you even are going to a library.

5 adjectives

  • un-intriguing
  • accelerating

  • descriptive
  • easy-to-follow
  • chaotic

What type of language does it use?

It uses colloquial language.

They say if you knew he was coming and you sprinkled salt on the ground and he ran ovr it, within two or three blocks he would be as slow as everybody eles.(pg. 1)(Simile)

a leap from the stage, out the side door into the starry, sweet, onion-grass-smelling night. (Pg 7)(Alliteration)

anyone in middle school and higher its not hard to follow and there weren't any word that was too hard to understand