What's best for the people


Liberty is the most important thing. Libertarians believe that individuals control their own lives and don't need to make sacrifices to help others. Protecting individual rights is essential to being free and therefore creates peace and prosperity. No one is forced to do anything and encouraged to do what they want as long as it is honest/peaceful. People should be free to follow their dreams without government intervention.


The Libertarian Party platform ensures the protection of citizens' civil liberties, and in turn allows citizens the equal opportunities in the pursuit of their desires. The most important part is that such desires must be legal and safe to all other persons. Individuals have the right to control their own lives. Nobody can interfere with their decisions, especially the government. This way of governing only expects the government to protect their rights. Freedom is everything, each aspect of life will prosper. A free market system lets individuals choose what they want to do and no one can tell them they can't. Income taxes will no longer exist, as Libertarians believe that individuals should be able to keep everything they earn. A balance budget and cutting back on spending will work to not raise taxes. Libertarians support national defense as long as it is not the main priority. The main priority should always be defending the civil liberties of each individual.

Libertarian Party

Established 1971
Current Presidential Candidate: Gary Johnson