Wayne Gretzky

"The Great One"

Wayne Gretzky's Vital Statistics

Wayne Gretzky was born on January 26, 1961. He married his wife, Janet, in 1988. The same year his daughter Paulina was born. In 1990 his second child, Ty, is born. Two years later his third child, Trevor, was born. After this Wayne's fourth child, Tristan, is born in 2000. Wayne's last child, Emma, was born in 2003. Wayne won his first Stanley Cup in 1984. He beat the overall record for scoring in 1989, breaking Gordie Howe's previous record. He lost his mother to lung cancer in the year of 2005. This was devastating for him. Wayne Gretzky said that she was always at the games and that she was the glue. This means that she was a big part of his hockey success. Wayne Gretzky has had some good times and some bad times in his life time.

Interesting Facts

Wayne Gretzky has done many great things in the NHL. He won the Stanley Cup with the Oilers 4 years in a row. He won the MVP award 9 times in his NHL career. Wayne coached the 2002 Team Canada who won the gold in the Winter Olympics. He has set numerous records. Some are total goals, total points, to score 50 points in 39 games, and consecutive games with scoring a goal. He also got to light the torch at the Opening of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Wayne has done a lot of very exciting things. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame three days after he retired. There is usually a 3 year waiting period to be inducted into the Hall of Fame but this was wavered just for him alone and this shows you how good of a hockey player Wayne Gretzky was.

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Wayne Gretzky is considered to be the best hockey player to ever live!

The Effects He Had

Wayne Gretzky had an effect on lots of people. He was a big influence to the game of hockey. This sport had never seen someone so spectacular as Wayne was. More people cam to know the game of hockey because he was so good and people wanted to see him play. He also influenced the people around him. He won the award for being the "best sport" numerous of times. He never talked bad about people and he earned respect from his opponents, his fans, and his teammates. Wayne Gretzky was a very good role model for kids. He credited his teammates for helping him score and this made him very humble. He did not think that he was better than anyone. Wayne Gretzky has had a huge influence to the game of hockey and his piers.

Adjectives that Describe Wayne Gretzky

Some adjectives that would describe Wayne Gretzky would be humble, athletic, courageous, loyal, and forgiving. I say that he is humble because he never talked bad about his teammates or other players. He would always credit other people for his success. I admire that he is as humble as he is. He is athletic for many reasons. One is that he is the best player that the NHL has ever seen. He holds over numerous NHL scoring records. You have to be a very good athlete to do this. He has broken records from some of the greats in hockey. He also scored 378 points in one season in a pee-wee league at the age of 10. This takes a true athlete. I say that he is courageous for what he has done. He has done many things that other hockey players wouldn't do and this relates back to him being as humble as he is. He is very loyal. He stayed loyal to his teammates, his coaches, and his fans. Even after four straight NHL titles with the Oilers when he was traded by the team he was still loyal to the coaches and the players. He has been loyal to people in good times and bad times. He was also very loyal to his country. He helped them do very good at the Olympics and at the World Cups. Last but not least, he is very forgiving. I say this because in the trading of him the first time he was very forgiving toward the coaches. He also forgave his wife when she was caught taking part in illegal gambling. There are not enough adjectives to describe his personality and his hockey life.

Events that Shaped Him

One event that shaped the great Wayne Gretzky was when he was traded from the Oilers to the Kings. This was very big because he had helped the Oilers win four Stanley Cups. Another event that changed his life was when his mother lost her fight with lung cancer. This was devastating for Wayne because she as his backbone or as he said it his glue. He overcame this very harsh obstacle in his life. An obstacle that came in his life was when his wife, Janet Jones, was caught gambling illegally. At the same time he was blamed for the failure of Team Canada. This was a very hard time for Wayne with the press but he overcame this obstacle too. Wayne has had lots of obstacles or drops in his life but he overcame them. He has had a very successful life. Even the obstacles that he had in his life have not stopped him from being the best hockey player to ever walk the earth.

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