Apollo Missions

By- Ria Patel

Apollo Tragedies

-There have been breathtaking tragedies in apollo missions.

-Apollo 1 blew up during the pre- launch test with the astronauts in it.

-Apollo 13 astronauts almost froze to death in space.

-Astronaut White's space suit.

The Saturn V

The Saturn V was the most powerful rocket that was successfully flown.

The rocket was 60ft. taller than the Eiffel Tower.

The Saturn V sent astronauts to Earth orbit beyond the moon.

The Apollo 8 Saturn V Rocket Launch

High Quality - Apollo 8 Saturn V rocket launch

Successful Missions

Apollo's 17, 15 and 8

Apollo 17 was the last J-type mission for a lunar landing.

Apollo 15 was the fourth mission to land men on the moon.

The Apollo 8 goal was to demonstrate translunar injection.