Texas Drought

by Hayden Williams

Empty faucets ( whole paragraph straight from coppell page )

The City of Coppell purchases treated water from the City of Dallas Water Utilities. The water comes from Lake Lewisville and from Lake Grapevine, down the Trinity River, and is pumped to the Elm Fork Treatment Plant at I-35 and Whitlock in Carrollton. The water is then put through a treatment process that includes ozone treatment (Dallas has one of the world's largest ozone treatment facilities).

Ecological impact

It has effected what is believed to be the last known wild flock of whooping cranes to exist in texas were there has been long drought luckily for them some water has been set aside for whoopers .

Run out of water

The water supply is going down few feet in grapevine lake and lewisville which is our supply. The long droughts and incredible high temperatures contributed to the decrease in water level which subsequently is water loss of 3,761,965 acre feet. It shows that the average person in this state uses 150 gallons. The value of water loss is valued at 150 million to 513 million dollars per year . Also note that texas state water that is unbilled is valued at 253 million and 635 million dollars every year. The breaks in pipes are worth 83,529 acres of water along with 10,770 gallons of unauthorized consumption .

A scenario that seems very probable

Although there is also many perks to come along with drought . Since there isn't much rain then there isn't a lot of still water . If there isn't a lot of still water then mosquitos can't reproduce . If there isn't large number then the remanence of mosquitos will decline substantially due to predation ( the predators will also decline). Then if there is a weak number of mosquitos then it would be highly unlikely for the elderly to get bit by a mosquito that is contaminated with west nile virus .

Texas state water conservation

The state can implement acts that require people to run their sprinklers at certain times also note that the water usage is perfectly fine as is . The problem is that we should be more concerned on people that waste water to teach such actions as people who keep their sprinklers on even though its just rained, heres one that strikes around the heart not as silly as washing manufactured goods with another name for freshwater . Never mind I won't discuss that although if this were to be presented I would more than gladly bring it up . The pipes could be aged causing leaky pipes that government should investigate.

What you can do

People can install efficient appliances to slow the supposed time or fix the water crisis which is about as real as a leprechaun . Although you can also turn off the water after you use your toothbrush . Long showers will have resulted in same time that could be done as same that could be achieved in short shower .


We either can or we can't ( due to selfish acts)


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