What does a Psychologist do?

Psychologists help with relationship problems,mental illness,Chronic illness,Parenting issues,Substance Abuse.They also help with Anxiety and Depression.

What kind of Education do you need?

We need a Masters Degree,a License,and 4 to 7 years in graduate school.

How do we benefit Society?

We can help baseball players increase their mental state so they can hit the ball better and have a more accurate sight

What does that job do?

Psychologists help with mental states usually to make our mental health better or to help someone with a mental health condition.

One cool fact about our Job!

A Psychologist can help baseball players or football players focus better and help them achieve their goals!

What personality do you need?

Compassion,Patience,and a ability to get others to open up.

you need to be gentle or be nice so they will open up and tell you everything

How much are you paid a year?

You are usually paid 68,900 dollars a year.

What is your Projected growth rate?

Our average would be 7% to 13% until 2022

What kind of Psychologist are there?

there are many but here are Examples:Clinical,Counseling,School,Developmental,Experimental,Industrial Organizational Psychologists,and personality.