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About the African Elephant

The African Elephant is a great friendly creature that is being killed for their ivory tusks! It's a humongous mammal who weighs over six tons has a intricate trunk for a nose used for feeding. As a herbivore, it feeds on only fruits, grasses, and herbaceous plants, which are high in protein. This gentle giant communicates with its herd by low frequency sounds humans can't hear. Hunters: don't be surprised if an elephant herd suddenly flees from you! (From Ark, Aninfo, and AP.)
Bull African Elephant


The African Elephant has no permanent habitat. They choose only areas where the vegetation is lush and there is a great water supply. The herd sleeps in a patch of dirt, with the strong, male elephants outside and weak calves on the inside, forming a protective ring. They can live in almost any habitat, but sadly, the humans have been destroying more fertile land that has threatened their population. (From Aninfo and SeaW.)


Help Us Save The African Elephant!

The African Elephant is hunted frequently for their ivory tusks. Ivory is a valuable trade item that is used in piano keys. The humans are also moving in on their territory, destroying fertile habitats. Without proper living areas, their reproductive rates will decrease and kill young elephants. Different countries have began to stand up for the African Elephant's protection as their population decreases. Trade has become controlled and armed guards survey their habitat, but more help is needed to save this species. (From Ark and Aninfo.)

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