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Happy February

4th Graders have been working very hard during the month of January. We have been working on learning about "theme" and how it's the lesson that an author is trying to get us to learn. We have been increasing our writing stamina by practicing writing for up to 7 minutes without breaking concentration. We have done this both by writing with pens (we LOVE colored pens) and typing. The length and depth of our writing is already astounding. This month we will focus on "text structure", fables, and answering questions with inferences and details.

We had a "Great Debate" on which was the best food, macaroni and cheese or chicken nuggets.

In Math, we have been working on long division. Learning our multiplication facts is key and will pay off. Keep up the good work!!! Work on those multiplication facts! We are rocking and rolling!

In Social Studies, we have finished up Explorers and the early Dutch settlers. We learned about Peg Leg Pete. We are going to be learning about the 13 colonies-(ask your student to sing the 13 colony song!) We will learn about early homes, clothing, food, and general life.

In Science, we have been working on learning the water cycle, creating water filtration units, and plants. We will be looking at life science which includes: Traits, adaptations, & life cycles. Then, properties of Matter. Science labs coming up this spring to prepare for next year's science test.

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Great Food Debate

Students worked on persuasive essays in January. They chose a side and crafted their essay. Mrs. Cary, in the cafeteria, worked with us and served Macaroni and Cheese on National Dairy Day, and then served chicken nuggets so both sides were represented. We then set up for a "Debate". Mrs. Vicki Perkins, a high school Social Studies teacher and the advisor for the Mock Trial team, came in to hear opening remarks. Both sides did a great job and the debate came out as a draw.

Valentine's Day Celebration

We will have a small Valentines Day celebration on Tuesday, Feb. 14th. If you would like to send in juice boxes, or prepackaged goodies we would really appreciate it. Attached to this newsletter is the class list. If your child would like to bring in Valentines, please make sure there is one for every child and that they are in a plastic or paper bag with your child’s name on it. They can be sent in anytime and we will hold them here until the celebration. Happy Heart Day!

The Impossible Shot

Students in Mr. West's gym classes are challenged to make the "Impossible Shot." They stand a certain distance away from a PVC curved pipe and try to toss a tennis ball into the opening. (It's not as easy as it looks!) If a student makes the "Impossible Shot", their name gets put on a poster. Pictured below are our 3 "Impossible Shot makers". Landon, Tenleigh, and Maximilano. (Tenleigh and Max's names will be added to the poster)
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Dates to Know and Remember

Feb 1-Report cards issued

Feb 10th-Last day of Read For Ronald McDonald House

Feb 20-25th-Winter Vacation (No School)

Feb 28th-MakerSpace begins for 4th Grade (2:20-3:12)

Winter Spirit Week

Class List For Valentines

Lily Armstrong

Landon Brander-Underwood

Oliver Brayton

Alivia Brummagyn

Thomas Carney

William Ceglowski

Jeffrey Crosier

Khloe Dufty

Jane Foster

Avery Gerdes

Maximilano Hernandez

Patience Hurlburt

Riley Kamburelis

Taten Lee

Matthew Mattas

Nolan Maxwell

Graham Nolan

Grace Russo

Lisa Snow

Cora Stewart

Tenleigh Tellstone

Michele Underhill