Teddy Roosevelt

King of New Nationalism

Upton Sinclair-The meatpacking exposer

Sinclair, the already celebrated journalist, wrote an investigative book on immigrants in the United States. However it was most commonly known for exposing the practices of the meatpacking industry. His novel was published in 17 languages, praised by Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt, and became best-seller. The book even prompted the Pure Food and Drugs act and the Meat inspection Act.

Big Corporations- The Villain

Theodore Roosevelt saw large corporations as the villain of the progressive movement. Large corporations were responsible for hurting the economy and much of the american population.

Theodore Roosevelt realized that these corporations would be here to stay unless a strong government was able to suppress them. So his goal was for the large corporations to depend on the president and to do this he passed many policies and created programs to control them. Such as the Bureau of Corporations, which had the Justice Department investigate large corporations business practices. He also created the Elkins Act that was an anti- rebate measure and the Hepburn Act that gave the ICC the power to decide reasonable rates and standard booking practices.