The Diary of Anne Frank



Anne is not fond of being treated like a child. Menstruation is a symbol in itself that the body is mature enough for the creation of offspring; it is also seen by many as the gateway to "adulthood." Physical signs of her maturation would stand to show that she is becoming more of a young woman and less of a child. People must mature in order become more helpful in hard times.

The Pen is Mightier

In the first scenes of the play, Anne can be noted as ambitious and energetic, with dreams of achieving great fame and adoration. Life in the Annex causes her to long for the more simple things in life and her new dream of becoming a writer represents her hope for her life and life in general. It is important to remain hopeful, even in times of difficulty.

Text Evidence


-she is 13, quick in her movements, interested in everything,mercurial in her emotions

-"Who cares if it's dignified? I don't want to be dignified."

-"What's the good of thinking of misery when you're already miserable?"

-"You're quieter."

-> show how Anne has matured throughout the story


-"I'm going to be a famous writer or singer or dancer."

-"I only want some fun."

-"I want to go on living even after my death."

-"If you should find this diary, will you please keep it safe for me-"

-> show how Anne's dreams for herself have become more realistic with time