Scientific Revolution

Tamir 6th

What Was The Change?

The Scientific Revolution (16th and 17th centuries) was a time period where physics, astronomy and logic changed the world view of life and the world as we knew it. The scientific revolution changed the way we look at the universe by introducing the theory of Heliocentrism the the theory that the earth is not the center of the universe and that the sun is. Originally, it was assumed that the earth was the center of the universe and that the universe was held together by giant crystals. There were layers in the galaxy; with put heaven at the very end. This new theory of Heliocentrism went against the church, because the old theory of geocentrism seemed to go along with the church in every way possible, but this new one didn't. The new model of the planets did not show where heaven was in the universe. This new technology made the church angry.

Who Were The People Associated With The Change?

There were many guys associated with the Scientific Revolution, but the main three were Galileo,Nicolaus,and Johannes. All of these guys were Renaissance Men

How Did The Change Impact Society At The Time?

  • The Change impacted the society at the time by improving lives of all Europeans intellectuals
  • Religion started stirring up turmoil; New science contradicted the bible,which led to a Schism between followers of science and people who were religious
  • Led to the discover of new technology such as telescopes

How Is That Change Evidenced in Today's Modern Society

  • Encouraged the removal of god in day to day life
  • Removed all meaning from mankind's search for meaning of his or her existence
  • Led to industrialization(modern day cars)