Google Smart

How to Find What You Need

Academic Sources

Begin your google search with site:edu to find only sources from academic institutions. This is ideal for many of your school research topics, particularly since much of the current research on many topics is being completed at university labs.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a way to access truly academic sources online. The results will include reputable articles, journals, books, and legal documents. It will NOT search newspapers, magazines, blogs, or mainstream websites that aren't scholarly in nature. This means it is helpful for some types of research topics or certain kinds of sources you're looking for, but it won't always be the best way to search for every subject.

More Than Just a Key Word

Precede your search terms with intitle: to find only results where your search is in the title. This ensures that the whole article is about your subject rather than merely being mentioned.

Did You Know Your Results Are Unique?

Internet Censorship and The Filter Bubble

Another Sweet Resource

Click on the link below to learn more detailed keyboard tricks and other ways to search when you're not finding what you need.