PRIDE Committee

Foundations - Safe and Civil Schools

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The purpose of the Pride committee is to work together as a staff to reduce all behavioral and motivational barriers to learning. We will decide as one group which behavior or procedure to focus on. The Pride committee members will work together to organize and distribute information, but all decisions made regarding new campus procedures and guidelines for student behavior will be decided upon as a staff.


PRIDE committee members and teams.

Each committee member will represent a group of staff members. If you have a concern or suggestion for the committee, please direct it to your PRIDE representative. Click on the link above to see which PRIDE committee member to direct your concerns to.

Behavior/Procedure Ideas to Focus On

As a committee, we discussed some of the challenges at our school. We have narrowed them down to four (hallways, cafeteria, restroom and dismissal) and have included a list of concerns from teachers, parents, and students. Please read through these before taking the survey below (click on included link). Also, if you do not agree with choosing one of these four to focus on, please choose "Other" on the survey and write in which behavior/procedure you think we should focus on as a campus.

Click link below to take survey for target behaviors.

PRIDE Survey #1

Please take the survey at the link above. Please complete survey by the end of day Thursday. There are two questions on the survey. One regarding behaviors to focus on and the other regarding increasing the time back to 5 minutes between classes.

1. Safe & Civil Schools Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports - Introduction Part 1