Mr. Tonagel's Weekly Memo

Week of May 9

Recycling Program

My student advisory has been working on a new recycling plan and has a draft that involves all student clubs/groups. The advisory feels LPHS is behind the times with regards to recycling. Basically the advisory would request that each LPHS club/group either sponsor one area of the building (kind of like "adopt a highway") or be responsible for the recycling bins during one set time period of the school year (the year would be planned out so each club/group helped). Both options are being explored. The thought is to get all student members involved in giving back to the school by helping with a new recycling program. It would be a win-win of building student ownership and helping the physical plant.

Trimester 3 Finals

Reminder that the normal bell schedule will run during the last week of school and teachers will have the flexibility to carry out their finals as they determine is best.

Last '15-16 Staff Meeting

The May staff meeting (two options) will take place on Wed. May 18 after school

and Friday, May 20 at 6:50am. Both occur in Schulze.

Aspiring Principals Projects

Congratulations to the teachers who presented their projects for the Aspiring Principals Academy last week. The projects were very well done and exemplified a commitment to learning and continuous improvement. The project topics varied, but all related to relevant school goals, issues, and topics. Great job to these educators on this work: Jen Hunt, Amy Kosior, Holly Wireman, Jessica Niksch, Jason Remmel, Kris Staats

Homecoming Procedures

Thanks for the feedback and input on proposed procedures for homecoming. I am in the process of seeking additional review and still getting some feedback from some of you. Expect an improved and defined process to be in place for the fall.

Program of Studies

Although the school year is winding down and much time and energy is being spent on closure activities, we still look to capitalize on any opportunity to improve our Program of Studies. In the past weeks we have been exploring new program of studies offerings. We are studying a new math college readiness course that would be for seniors who need math credits and additional math support as they get ready for college. We also are looking to add a Biomedical Science program, and expand our communication pathways.

Due to the dual credit credentialing changes that are coming to teachers and school in 2022 we will need to start formulating a plan to sustain our early college program. We are in the very early stages of this process and there are not any easy answers, but we will explore various options so that we can continue to offer an early college model and a rigorous curriculum for our students.

Professional Development Opportunity (Math, Science, Spec Ed)

The 2016 STEM Innovations Summer Institute is open to Math, Science, Tech Ed, and STEM and special ed teachers who support Math and Science. It is geared to the middle and early high school levels, but looks like a great opportunity to support our Science and Math classrooms. Please contact me if you are interested in taking part in this PD.

Developing a Growth Mindset

Growth is the new name of the game as the state's accountability system undergoes more changes. It is moving away from a proficiency model where a school/student either met the standard or not to a growth system that takes year-to-year growth into consideration. This is happening as NCLB exits and ESSA begins. Embargoed school grades have been released to demonstrate the new system. Our report is still under analysis.

The growth system is not surprising; we've been preparing by planning an internal assessment plan that puts a strong emphasis on individual student growth (PSAT College and Career Readiness). How it exactly unfolds at the state level is still unclear, but I am pleased with our PSAT progress and want us to keep it growing.

Teacher, team, and dept. growth is also on our target boards. Not only must our students demonstrate annual growth, but we must show growth, too. The school accreditation work accomplished this year is a great foundation for future continuous improvement work. Look for our continuous improvement website to be a hub for department teams to produced products and artifacts that demonstrate growth and improvement next school year.