Barclay Bulletin

John Barclay Elementary School -December 22nd

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Important Dates

Dec. 24 - Jan 1

  • NO SCHOOL - Winter Holiday Recess

Jan. 4

  • Return to school

Jan. 18

  • NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


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November Boomerang Asset #40 - Positive View of Personal Future

Back (L-R): Cody Knoll(winner), Ksenia Semenovykh, Ray Neff, Joey Morton, Aiden Bolland

Middle (L-R): Grace Reilly, Ella Gift, Devon Collins, Maddie Buhion Aiden Ertwine

Front: Peter Bonargo and Nicole Shagen

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C. B. Cares Presentation of Grant to Ms. Steiner's Class

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John Barclay's Birthday + the 50th Combined

Be on the lookout this January for a special way of celebrating John Barclay’s 266th birthday. With the 50th anniversary of John Barclay Elementary School, we will combine both milestones with a special day for kids by doing a “Barclay Colonial Day” on his birthday. It will be on January 22, 2016, so keep an eye out for more information...

Helping local families in need to have a happy holiday

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Holiday Sing-a-long and Concert

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