Mrs. Castine's Class

with Mrs. Wilson

Learning Objectives

Spelling Words

seeing, three, worked, earth, when, us, first, dirt, shirt, girl

Word Family: -ir (bossy r)

Grammar: inflected endings (-ing and -ed)


We will continue our "chicken" theme this week, but focus on plot. We will review the process of identifying the rising actions that lead to the most important and exciting moment of the story.


We wrote some cute "chicken" stories last week. We will continue to work on finding the setting, main characters, and plot (problem/solution) in stories we read together.


Students will continue to identify and classify 3D shapes by their attributes.


Exciting times - our chicks will hatch this week! We will learn about oviparous animals, as well as compare the life cycles of chickens, frogs and fish.


April 15th - Kinder round up @8:30am - tell your neighbors!

Thursday, April 18th - Field Trip to the Perot Museum! *Bring a completely disposable sack lunch & snack!

Scotty P's Night - support our school if you can!

**STAAR Closed Campus Days**

April 23rd & 24 - NO visitors or volunteers on campus due to testing

Moby Math & iStation

Moby Math Link - 30 minutes per week

username: first and last initial

password: bluefish

iStation - 30 minutes per week

You will need to download iStation to your home computer.