Tri To Beat Cancer

2015 Jackson Triathlon | Run Team Event | Athens, GA

In This Special Bulletin:

  1. What is this event about?
  2. Why this race & when is it?
  3. Reimbursed registration & post race celebration
  4. When do I sign up? *Anyone can participate!
  5. Sold! Let's Do This!

“Crossing over that finish line will be a celebration of your discipline and it will be something that pushes you over the finish line in other areas of life.”

Shane Jackson

What Is This Event About?

Every year we host a company sponsored triathlon challenge and create training programs to go along with it. This challenge is designed to instill the "finish line" mentality by setting a stretch goal, establishing a training plan, partnering with other challengers and crossing that finish line!

This challenge will take discipline, sacrifice and 16 weeks of hard training! It will produce strength in overall goal setting, deepen friendships at work and get us in top shape!

When you have explored your "limits", exceeding what you thought they were, and then come to the conclusion that there are no limits with a plan, a goal, determination, a solid program and people to partner with- that is when the psychology of the finish line becomes permanent in your soul. Lifestyle and behavioral impact is what we are after.

"The feeling of competition and bettering myself to being better physically and mentally, was something greater than I ever imagined. I am so happy that I pushed through it to complete the training and event! Honestly, this was one of the hardest, but most rewarding things I have ever done my entire life, and yes I am officially hooked!"

Jameson Foskey

Why This Race and When Is It?

Competing is better when the cause fuels the energy. "Proceeds from this event will help the Cancer Foundation of Northeast Georgia ( provide immediate financial assistance to local cancer patients struggling financially due to their cancer diagnosis and treatment. Your participation in this event will certainly change a life, starting with your own! The Cancer Foundation of Northeast Georgia’s goal is to improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their families who need help."

GA Multisports

Knowing that your contribution and efforts will make a real difference is a cause that we can lace up to!

The 2nd reason we chose this race is because you can choose between 3 different race events!

  • Sprint Tri: 400 Meter Lake Swim, 14 Mile Bike, 5K Run
  • Duathlon: 2 Mile Run, 14 Mile Bike, 5k Run (swimming not included)
  • Aqua Bike: 400 Meter Swim, 14 Mile Bike

The date of the race is Sunday, August 23, 2015.

"I really appreciate working for a company that provides a facility like the Coliseum and an opportunity like the Tri challenge."

Steve Harper

"The act of working so hard for a goal when no one is forcing you, but you have reinforcements when you need it, is a huge feat of personal fulfillment."

Lauren Bing

Officially Sign Up at the Wellness Rally! May 1st.

Reimbursed Registration & Post Race Celebration!

With the completion of your training and requirements listed in the 2015 Tri Info Packet (distributed at the Wellness Rally! May 1st), you will be reimbursed for your race registration, treated to our post race celebration, receive a JH polo race shirt, gift bags and more!
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