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Dear Families,

The next several days hold many fun and exciting opportunities for students at OPE! Please review the newsletter for all information and details:

Registration for the 2021-2022 school year is open now for new students and families returning to the district! We anticipate a five-day week, in-person model for next year for all students. Registration links can be found on the district and building websites.

The Scappoose Online Academy is a virtual program option that is rising for next year. Registration for this program will be open in the coming weeks, but if you would like your child to attend a virtual schooling option under the Scappoose School District, a form that is the "Intent to Enroll" is available now. Please complete this intent to enroll so our district is aware of how many students will be joining the Online Academy for the 2021-2022 school year.

Field days are next week at OPE! Virtual activities will be provided to our CDL students to participate in and enjoy. Cohort A students will have a scheduled Field Day on June 1st, and Cohort B students will participate on June 3rd. From 3:00-4:00 pm on June 3rd, CDL students are invited to come to OPE for a popsicle and a hello from our staff!

The last week of school will look different than the rest of the year has to this point. Please see the dates and changes below, as we know there will need to be arrangements made for some folks.

Monday, June 7th: Cohort A (last day of school)

Tuesday, June 8th: Cohort B (last full day of school)

Wednesday, June 9th: Asynchronous for all

Thursday, June 10th: Cohort B last day of school, dismissal at 11:25 am!

Friday, June 11th: No students, last day for staff

Lastly, please remember that Monday, May 31st is Memorial Day and there will not be school that day. School will resume on Tuesday, June 1st!


Jenneca Crocker

Principal, Otto Petersen Elementary

Scappoose School District


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Fifth-Grade Detectives

Mrs. Gonrowski's fifth-grade class puts on their detective hats to decide if the Boston Massacre was an accident or murder.

Fourth-grade "Oregon Trail" experts!

Students in Ms. Larson's fourth-grade class are making trail decisions on the Oregon Trail.

Chromebook and Hotspot Returns!

If your child/family checked out a district Chromebook and/or Hotspot for use during this school year, we will be collecting all devices back on Thursday and Friday, June 10th and 11th! Returns for all borrowed devices will take place from 8:00-3:30pm on Thursday, 6/10 and from 8:00-6:00pm on Friday, 6/11.

If you have a personal device at home that can be used for the last couple of days, you are welcome to bring the district device(s) back to school earlier that same week and we will be happy to check it back in.

The following week, our district staff will be cleaning and inspecting devices for damages, and reimaging these for future use. Please be sure to bring all components to the checked out devices such as the charger, connection cables, and the device itself.

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Hello OPE Families,

This week in counseling, we are busy helping 6th graders prepare for Middle school. All 6th graders have a pamphlet that includes tips on finding success in Middle School, how to use the lock on the lockers, and the organization of binders and lockers. We have been touring the middle school, where students have met staff and see inside their new school! The last lunch groups will be June 1st thru the 4th!

May is Mental Health Awareness month.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the school for extra support or ideas to help your child. Here are some resources that can help support your child’s mental health. If you seek additional counseling for your child, please feel free to reach out, and we can give you more resources.

Mental Health Supports

Columbia Community Mental Health-503-397-5211/Crisis Line 503-782-4499

Zebra Stripes Counseling Services-971-290-9225

SAFE of Columbia County-503-397-6161

Tips for Parents to support Mental health (Continued handout provided by Mental Health America):

  • Tackle troubling thoughts. Sometimes the brain can play tricks on us. We’ve all had something unsettling cross our minds or have assumed someone was mad at us when they weren’t. Break down problem thoughts and bring your child back to reality. For instance, if they think that a friend doesn’t like them anymore, ask them why they think that and if their friend did anything to make them think that way. Or, if they are worried that you will get hurt in a car accident, remind them that you drive safely to and from work and school every day and that your car has airbags to help keep you safe. If there seems to be a bigger problem with anxiety or depression, take the Parent Screen at to see if professional help may be needed.

  • Create routines. Routines give a sense of stability to children and teens, especially those who struggle with anxiety. Keep both bedtime and the morning in mind. The Sleep Foundation recommends 9-11 hours of sleep for children ages 6-13 and 8-10 hours of sleep each night for teens ages 14-17. Ensure that your morning routine includes a healthy, low-sugar breakfast, keeping young people from getting tired in school and helps improve their attention span.

Stay safe and healthy! Mrs. McKedy

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The Otto Petersen staff would like to recognize one student every month.

Many of the qualities that are looked for in this award are good citizenship, good attendance,

a positive attitude towards learning, leadership, integrity, and demonstrating responsibility.

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Elijah Burdick

"Elijah is a conscientious, hardworking student. He consistently puts forth his best effort in CDL. I am incredibly proud of him, and it has been a pleasure to have him in my class this year." -

Barbara Medrano

Finley Abbott

"Finn is a phenomenal student to have in class! He is so respectful of others, and he naturally encourages and complements his peers all the time. He loves to share his knowledge in class, and he is an avid reader! He has been highly engaged with school all year in both CDL and Hybrid!!" - Kristy Larsen

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Bryan Dietrich

"Since the beginning of the year, Bryan has diligently worked on his assignments. He comes in E day and stays until all of his tasks are complete. Even after the Hybrid Transition, he did not skip a beat. He works diligently with integrity. He does not ask for more help than he needs just works alongside an adult while he completes his task. He spends all of his free time doing extracurricular sports like baseball and football, making himself an integral part of our community." - Rebecca West

Columbia Dudzic

"Throughout the year, Columbia has shown his great desire for learning and participation in class and work. He comes in Daily to work with the team. A budding artist with creative humor. Columbia dedicates his free time to developing card games for the entertainment of others. His creative humor shines brightly in all of his work and activities." - Rebecca West

Morgan Travis

"Morgan consistently is a positive role model for her peers. She strives to complete high-quality work and acts with integrity." - Christine Veach

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Cassandra Brophy

"Cassy is a responsible student who is always trying her best. She completes her work on time, both in-person and at home. She is a positive role model to those around her, polite and friendly! I am proud to call her my student. Keep up all the excellent work!" - Tiffany Krieck

Ella Campbell

“Ella is a dedicated student who consistently gives her all. She is always kind and respectful to everyone around her, constantly smiling, and making everyone near her happier. Ella is a hard worker and persists in the face of struggle. She is a responsible student who gives her all.” - Jessica Chase

Kingston Eoff

"Kingston is early to every meeting, stays in class with the camera on all the time, and completes all his assignments. He works hard even though things aren't necessarily easy for him. He is proof that if you work hard, it does pay off in the end. Thanks for making your second teacher of the year proud." - Nathan Emerson

Judiah Haynes

"Judiah is a good team worker and an excellent example for the other students in the classroom. He participates in class discussions, and he is not afraid of sharing his opinions and insights. He shows curiosity about the world and wants to learn as much as possible about dinosaurs and birds. He enjoys working on science projects." - Brock Woolston

Cassidy Piccolo

"Throughout the year, Cassidy's leadership has been greatly appreciated in class. Her positivity, humor, and engagement contribute to keeping our classroom both fun and a great place to learn. She is a deep thinker and enjoys a challenge. I appreciate her honesty as a learner, as well as her willingness to take academic risks. Excellent job this month, Cassidy!" - Jerad May

Oliver Schrunk

Oliver is an exemplary student in Mr. Bruno’s class. He is eager to learn and always goes above and beyond expectations. Oliver was involved in track and currently participates in OBOB. He loves to read, write, and NASA. I am proud of all the work Oliver has put into his academics this year and how he strives to be a true champion. He will be a great asset to the middle school next year. Congratulations! - Bruno Zanotta

Ryder Whitfield

"Ryder has shown tremendous growth this year. He is kind to his classmates, funny, and motivated to do his best. We are so happy that he is part of our classroom community." - Jillian Sederburg

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Do you qualify for free and reduced lunches?

Oregon approved to issue more than $550 million in food assistance to 572,000 children.

“All children deserve access to adequate nutrition to fuel their learning. The Oregon Department of Education is happy to be partnering with ODHS and local school districts to meet the nutrition needs of Oregon's children and families who were most impacted by the pandemic,” said Cindy Hunt, Chief of Staff at Oregon Department of Education (ODE). Read more here