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Sharing Great News with our AWesome Staff!

Become a "Come with Me" Teammate and Teacher

Jon Gordon highlights the importance of being a leader and teammate that uses encouragement to bring others along for the journey and task at hand. As educators, we want our students to be inspired to "come with me" for all of the incredible learning opportunities and experiences we have planned for them here at Waterville. Better yet, is when the students take us with them during one of those perfect teachable, "what if we tried it this way", or "Aha" moments. This "come with me" approach to leading our classrooms and school require an open heart an open mind, and the desire to be great. Jon Gordan (2015) also reminds us "If you want to be good, focus on making yourself better. If you want to be great, focus on making yourself and your team better" (p. 65).

So, "come with me", I need your help to keep this momentum going!

Events for the Week of October 12-October 16

Dates to Remember

Monday, October 12th: Picture Retakes-Don't forget to have your staff pic taken!

Monday, October 12th: Pizza Lunch with Principal

Monday, October 12th: BOE Meeting (Lori and Justin recognized) Let's all attend to show our support!

Tuesday, October 13th: RtI Meetings 8:00am-4pm

Wednesday, October 14th: SIT Meeting 8:30am-3:30pm

Thursday, October 15th: RtI Meetings 8:00am-11:45am

Thursday, October 15th: Kindergarten Walking Field Trip to Fire Station

AM: 8:50-10:00

PM: 2:00-3:00

Thursday, October 15th: Donuts for Dad and Book Fair

Friday, October 16th: Donuts for Dad and Book Fair

Thursday, October 22nd: Third Grade Waterville Walking Field Trip

Thursday, October 22nd: WPA Restaurant Night Out: Chipotle in Perrysburg beginning @ 4PM

Monday, October 26th-30th: Red Ribbon Week

Monday, October 26th: WPA mtg @ 7PM

Friday, October 30th: Halloween Parade @ 2:15PM

General Information

*We need a grade level or a couple of teachers willing to attend the WPA meeting on Monday, October 26th, to share something great you are implementing in your classrooms. Perhaps share some examples and activities you are doing with our students to foster grit. This would nicely compliment the bi-weekly memos I put in the Friday Flyer for families.

*Our building theme for Halloween this year has been decided. We have selected Disney since Waterville is such a magical place us all to be!

*Below is a message to us from Mary Michalak, student teacher in art:

To all the students, faculty, staff, and families of Waterville Primary,

I am truly honored to have worked so closely with you all for my student teaching experience. Ms. Imes has mentored me through these beginning weeks of school and she has taught me so much about being a productive and successful art educator. She is an amazing teacher and an insightful guide. The helpfulness, guidance, and inclusive atmosphere at this school has also made me feel welcome and taught me so much about working as a teacher. I will remember my time spent here at Waterville for the rest of my teaching career because it has helped immensely to shape me into the educator I strive to become in the future. All of your kindness has not gone unnoticed and I deeply appreciate all the efforts the students and staff have put forth on my behalf.

Thank you all very much for allowing me to be apart of your school. The time seemed to fly by and I look forward to taking all my knowledge and experiences onto the high school level. I will be moving on to Sylvania Southview High School for the remainder of my semester.

I hope to see you all again in the future and thank you,
Ms. Mary Michalak
Student Art Teacher

*Please make sure to check your mailboxes for updates (especially possible student transportation plans) each day at 2:00pm or after.

*Please remember to work as a grade level and fill in your "wish list" for the Wonders leveled readers using the google doc shared last week. We need to get an estimate of cost before pursing anything further.

*Please remember to sign up to observe one of your colleagues. Everyone has received their golden pirate booty and tickets! Let the fun begin!!!

Updating our Academic Vocabulary

GLC Members and grade level teams:

Please help coordinate efforts with our staff to update the vocabulary words that are read and defined during morning announcements. We want to ensure that the words we are focused on will in fact help our students advance academically and prepare them for future success.

A google doc was created and email last month asking each grade level/department to:

  1. Look over the lists shared, and/or refer to the earlier workday GRIT vocab words shared

  2. Select 10 words that have not already been chosen by another grade level

  1. Complete the table with the requested info for each vocab word selected

Let’s try to have the rough draft completed by Tuesday, November 4th, so we can review and make adjustments at our next GLC meeting. Thanks for your help with this project!

Halloween Parade

The excitement for our Halloween festivities has already begun to build! We have been receiving questions from parents about when everything will be happening. The parade will begin at 2:15pm on Friday, October 30th, followed by your classroom parties. I realize this is a bit earlier than some of the other holiday events, but we want to ensure that our kindergarten and younger students have enough time to get ready/change into costumes without being too rushed.

I plan to encourage parents to enjoy the fun of the day by watching the parade and not extend the invitation to include everyone coming back into the classrooms. I prefer to have the room helpers that have signed up to assist at the party, to be the ones in the classrooms. This way we are better able to account for all of the adults here in the school with our students. Please let me know if you have any concerns about this plan. Also, we have name tags in the office that we would like you to send home, in advance to the adults helping with the party, so they can arrive to school with them on.

Let me know if you have any ideas about a staff theme for costumes this year. I have already been given the suggestion of a Disney theme-which I'm good with! I have quite a bit of Disney apparel after my trip this summer! Still open to any other ideas though!

The remaining holiday parties for this school year are as follows:

Tuesday, December 22nd: 2:30pm-end of school day

Friday, February 12th: 2:30pm-end of school day

Looking forward to these fun events!

Grit School-Home Connection

The ability to show gratefulness and practice gratitude is an important part of fostering a growth mindset in students. Gratitude is defined as… “affirming that there are good things in the world — gifts and benefits that we’ve received — and recognizing that these sources of goodness come from outside ourselves.”(Vicki Zakrzewski, Director — Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley). Gratitude is worth practicing and teaching for so many real and observable reasons.

The act of expressing gratitude is closely linked with our feelings of optimism, empathy, and levels of energy. When children can-and want to- express gratitude they begin to lose feelings of entitlement and increase their hope and confidence in social well-being. When students express gratitude they want to give back to others and are thankful for what they do have, as opposed to stressing out over what they don’t have. This pro-social behavior emphasizes the benefactor and helps to build strong and loyal relationships.

In the classrooms we are having intentional conversations about how we show our gratitude and thankfulness to others who give of themselves and help us. The upcoming months will provide many opportunities for us to all show our gratitude to people who share kindness and in turn make our lives so meaningful. Please ask your students to think of ways they will demonstrate gratitude and thankfulness.

October Grit Challenge for Home:

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