signs and symptoms of pregnancy

kayla armstrong & alexus myers

signs & symptoms

  • mood swings
  • cramping
  • dizziness
  • shortness of breath
  • missed periods
  • back pain
  • high body temp.
  • light headed
  • nausea
  • increased urination
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teen moms

A female can get pregnant if she has started her regular monthly period if having sex unprotected. Teens are more likely for pregnancy-related high blood pressure than older mothers, risks for the baby include premature birth and low birth weight. Teens also have a higher chance of being anemic.

missing period

a missed period often alerts the teen that she is pregnant. A teenager that participates in sports, loss of weight and extreme stress, could be the reason that their period is late, but a period that is a month late the teen should take a test or go to the doctor.