Grade 1d News

26 May, 2016

This week in 1D

Dear Parents,

Thanks to your contributions to the class funds this year, and the organization of our class parent, we had a fun pizza lunch on P-day today. We followed this up with some paper plane construction, which was also a great way to have some fun together at this time of year. If you are interested, the website we used for instructions was The other fun addition to our class this week has been practicing and performing our Readers' Theatre scripts. The videos are taking a long time to upload, but there are a few photos to give you an idea in this week's photo folder.

Have a lovely weekend!


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June 5 - Step-Up Day

June 7 - Full-day of school, 3pm dismissal

June 9 - Last Day Assembly

June 9 - Last Day of School, Report Cards go home

1st Grade A-Z Countdown

Letters Q - U:

  • Read Day
  • Stuffed Animal Day
  • T-shirt Day
  • Once Upon a Day

Homework for end of year/summer

The homework sheet given out last week will be the final one for this year. Remember that RAZ-Kids, MyON and IXL are all online resources that will always be available, so your family can find its own balance between summer fun as a family, home reading of books and making use of these online resources to help with maintaining skills learnt this year.

Ramadan Hours

The Ramadan hours for students are 9:00am-2:30pm as per previous emails and the announcement in Sahifa. More information to follow when Ramadan is called.

Wacky Hair Day- June 6th

  • same day as Wacky Tacky day. See picture below
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From The Library

  • All library books are due back to the library by the end of Thursday, 26 May.

  • On June 2nd, 5th, and 6th, students and parents may check out up to 15 books per account for summer reading. This can be done: 1. If student is returning to ASD in the fall. 2. With a signed parent permission form - attached.

  • The Summer Reading Program's theme this year is Dragon Dreams and Daring Deeds. Students who read 30 picture books or 6 chapter books during the summer, write them down, get them signed by a parent, and return the paper to the school in August will receive a free book from the library. (Students may also do a combination of types of books - 5 picture books = 1 chapter book). There is a Summer Record sheet attached as well.

If you have any questions, please ask the friendly librarians.

Gate 6

Gate 6 will be open for use, starting Sunday, May 29, so Gate 5 will close. The change of gates for the last two weeks of school is to facilitate construction of the new Learning Support classrooms for opening as early as possible, and to improve pedestrian traffic flow through campus.

Gate 6 is situated 50 meters further down the road from Gate 5, towards Al Saad and students should be dropped off at Gate 6 in the mornings starting Sunday, May 29.

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Big Ideas:

Reader's Theater, focusing on fluency.

Fluency Lessons:

  • Reading in phrases
  • Performing for the class


Revising Personal Narratives.

Big Ideas:

  • Publishing and celebrating writing
  • Introducing free writing


BIG Idea: Wrapping up and Reviewing Challenging Concepts

  • Review
  • Using the 100s chart
  • 1s and 10s place value
  • Adding larger numbers

Social Studies

'My Community, Then and Now.'
  • Assessments and an end of unit celebration
  • A visit from firefighters in Doha