The Life of Daniel Rimkus

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Greatest Accomplishment

When Daniel was 11 he was trying very hard all day to finally go down the three stair on his skateboard. After many determined tries he landed it and has been improving with his hobby ever since.

Favorite Foods

Anything Mexican


Good Friend

Funniest Thing That Has Happened So Far.....

When Daniel was 9 years old, he was riding bikes with his older cousin Billy, and had a funny crash. Daniel and Billy both did front flips on their bikes at the same time in the middle of the street, like a domino effect. Daniel didn't cry until he saw his mom at the front door, that when he realized he was bleeding.

Horoscope for Libra 9/23 -10/22

You are proud of being the uncontested champ of the balancing act, yet you're feeling somewhat unsettled today. The cosmic conflict between the willful Sun and surreal Neptune pulls you in two directions. Part of you is busy ascending into spiritual realms as another part sticks around to handle the very real limitations of the material world. You may idealize the situation, yet it is essential to see things as they truly are now. Honoring the invisible and the tangible ensures that you'll be ready for whatever happens next.

Funny Story About Friends

While at a party one of Daniel's friends decided to try to get some sticky stuff off a Ping Pong table, he thought it would be a good idea to use paint remover. Obviously, that was not a good idea, not only did the sticky stuff come off, but so did the paint! To make matters worse, this friend, we'll call him "Brian", then tried to cover it up using bright blue finger paint, again, not a good idea.

Favorite Music Groups

Led Zepplin
The Weeknd
Jay Alli