Mrs. Jacques' Newsletter

The School Counselor's Corner

Mrs. Jacques, 7th Grade School Counselor

I have been working at NFMS since 2003, and I love my job here. I am here to help kids with academics, friendships, and conflicts, as a counselor. My office is a safe place to talk. Students know how to get in touch with me. They can come down to my office and make an appointment or email me. I am part of a great support team. I work with Ms. Mooney, 6th Grade Counselor, Mrs. Severino, 8th Grade Counselor and also, Ms. John our School Psychologist, and Mrs. Huber, our School Social Worker. Everyone is available to work with any student.

Welcome back!

I am so excited to have everyone back at school and to be welcoming a couple of new faces, both students and faculty!!

I'd like to welcome our new 7th grade students, along with our new 7th grade teachers, Ms. Galpin, Ms. Davis. And of course we welcome former grade teachers Mr. Laedke and Mr. Guizzo to the 7th grade teams.

Important Dates for September and October:

September 22, 2016 NFMS Open House 6pm

September 29, 2016 Parent Tech Night #1 Parent Portal at 7pm (NFMS)

September 29, 2016 Middle School Pictures

October 4, 2016 Henry Abbott Tech Presentation for 7th and 8th grade presentation

All 8th Graders and 7th Graders that sign up for a pass

October 14, 2016 Ellis Clark AgriScience High School in Nonnewaug presentation

All 8th Graders and 7th Graders that sign up for a pass