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Beacon Concert TONIGHT!

We are on assembly schedule for today to make accommodations for the Beacon presentation today.

1st Hour: 7:50-8:27am

2nd Hour: 8:31-9:08am

3rd Hour: 9:12-9:49am

4th Hour: 9:53-10:30am

5th Hour: 10:34-11:10am

Lunch A: 11:14-11:44am

6th Hour: 11:14-11:50am

Lunch B: 11:50am-12:20pm

6th Hour: 11:48am-12:20pm

7th Hour: 12:24-12:56pm

Assembly: PA Release-2:40pm

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Congratulations Varsity Pom Pon!

The Varsity Pom Pon team qualified again for the state competition this year. They have won the competition the past two years and are trying for a third straight win! The state competition takes place on Sunday, February 9th at the Convocation Center at Eastern Michigan University.
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Yearbook - Senior Siblings Pics

On January 22nd the yearbook staff will be taking Senior Sibling Photos. Seniors who have siblings in the high school should come to Student Services with their sibling during 4th or 6th hours to have their picture taken.

Snowfest 2020

Good luck to our snowfest team. They will be in Frankenmuth working hard this week to complete their sculpture. The team consists of Lexi Seidel, Rebecca Buszka, Kylie Miller, Madeline Spillane & Alex Kain. Gavin Brigss will also be competing in the Michigan State Division since we won the HS division last year, our school was able to qualify for the Michigan State Division.

Schedule of Events for Zehnder's Snowfest 2020

Also, watch the news on Friday morning at 6:30 am our snow sculpting teams have been asked to be interviewed on TV 5 wake up!

Group Pictures

The following groups will be getting their pictures taken on Tuesday, February 4th beginning at 8am.

  • Drama Club
  • Art Club
  • Snow Carving
  • Book Club
  • SLS
  • NHS
  • PEER
  • Student Council
  • Class Officers
  • Spirit Club
  • Mock Trial
  • Robotics
  • Powerlifting
  • Grilled Cheese Club
  • CSOs

HHS Drama Club Presents...

A Maple Grille Fundraiser:

When - Wednesday, January 29th

Time - 11am - 8pm

The Maple Grille is donating 30% of their proceeds to the HHS Drama Club for new microphones and audio needs. Silent auction items will be available for bid on the day of the fundraiser.

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Seniors - Check Your Email

Please check your email and vote on the survey for your Senior Trip. This survey is very important because the results from this will be determining where we go. You will have a week to vote before results are counted.

Coming Home Week!

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Week Ahead

JANUARY 22nd - Wednesday

- V Wrestling vs. Ithaca & Carrollton - 5:30pm

- Beacon Assembly

JANUARY 23rd - Thursday

- JV Boys BBall vs. Millington - 7:30pm

- JV Girls BBall vs. Millington - 6pm

- F Boys BBall vs. Millington - 4:30pm

JANUARY 24th - Friday

- V Boys BBall @ Millington - 7:30pm (Bus 4:15pm)

- V Girls BBall @ Millington - 6pm (Bus 4:15pm)

JANUARY 25th - Saturday

- V Bowling Hemlock Meet @ Stardust - 8am

- V Wrestling @ Saginaw Co. Meet - 9am

JANUARY 26th - Sunday

- Nothing Scheduled

JANUARY 27th - Monday

- Flannel Day

JANUARY 28th - Tuesday

- V Boys BBall vs. St. Charles - 7:30pm

- JV Boys BBall vs. St. Charles - 6pm

- F Boys BBall vs. St. Charles - 4:30pm

- V Girls BBall @ St. Charles - 7:30pm (Bus 5:10pm)

- JV Girls BBall @ St. Charles - 6pm (Bus 5:10pm)

- VSCO vs. E-Boy Day

- Sophomores w/ Saginaw Spirit 1st Hour

JANUARY 29th - Wednesday

- V Wrestling @ St. Charles w/ Bullock Creek - 5:30pm (Bus 4:30pm)

- V Bowling @ Stardust vs. Valley Lutheran - 3:30pm

- Spring Break Day

Upcoming Events

FEBRUARY 5th - Wednesday

- NHS Induction Ceremony - 6pm

- Freshmen Orientation (Class of 2024) - 7:30pm

FEBRUARY 8th - Saturday

- Band Solo & Ensemble @ St. Johns

FEBRUARY 12th - Wednesday

- Count Day

- Wrestling Team District

FEBRUARY 14th - Friday

- Valentine's Day

FEBRUARY 15th - Saturday

- Wrestling Ind. District

FEBRUARY 17th - Monday

- No School

FEBRUARY 28th - Friday

- Bowling Regional

FEBRUARY 29th - Saturday

- Band Mattress Sale

Pep Club - 15th Annual Paw Ball

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Sinking Fund Info

The Hemlock Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution encouraging the community to become informed and vote yes for the sinking fund proposal on March 10th. The district has made progress over the last several years with fundraising efforts from parents, staff, and community members but foundations and grants will not pay for roofs. Recently, the district has seen the completion of the elementary playgrounds, lightning at the soccer complex, and is ready to break ground with the STEM Center due to fundraising efforts.

Superintendent Killingbeck said, “The school’s annual operating budget is 80+% personnel and when you add turning on the lights, heating the buildings, transportation, and teaching materials there simply is not the dollars to keep leaks away from students without asking the community for help.”

Our Board of Education, made up of community members themselves, understands the dynamics of our community and reduced the current proposal to 1 mill, (which is a 33% reduction from previous ballot initiatives).

If voters approve, the projected Board of Education plan is to utilize these dollars to address roofs, safety/security, instructional technology, and other needed repairs and updates. Although the ballot language includes the word “construct” the intent is to replace existing roofs, windows, and HVAC, which is beyond a simple repair.

The ballot proposal is important to the future of Hemlock Public School District and the community. The district is set to host a series of meetings to help inform voters.Some people, wonder what is a sinking fund? It sounds like a funny name for something that is used to help a school district maintain and enhance facilities and technology. Under Michigan law, a school may collect taxes for a "sinking fund" that can be used for repairs, renovations, and technology (as well as other construction).

How will this impact Hemlock Public School District? If approved, these funds will help the district maintain our facilities inside and out with things like:

  • Safety-addressing gaps in our security system, paving the service drive, and more.
  • Technology-addressing instructional tools that have reached their end of useful life.
  • Efficiency-replacing thing like the single pane windows from 1959 at the high school.
  • Maintenance-with items like - roofs, boilers, HVAC, equipment, etc.

Sinking funds are fairly common throughout the State of Michigan. Freeland, Swan Valley, Saginaw Township, Birch Run, Bridgeport, and Frankenmuth all have sinking funds.

Teen Craft Night @ Rauchholz Memorial Library

Join us for fun variety of crafts. Registration is required. Please RSVP on here, visit the library, or call us at 642-8621.
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Rauchholz Memorial Library - Pancake Breakfast

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Sports Results

1/14/20 - V Girls BBall vs. Bullock Creek - W (49-30) Sydney Peake led us with 15 points, 5 rebounds, and 6 steals. Cassidy Peake added 13 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, and 4 steals while Regan Finkbeiner had 11 points and 6 rebounds. Alex Grzenia also had a nice night with 4 points and 6 rebounds.

1/15/20 - V Wrestling @ MLS w/ Millington - L vs. Millington (15-55) & W vs. MLS (53-24) Josh Collins 2-0 with 2 pins; Jerry Moore 2-0 with 1 pin; Jeremy Wazny 2-0 with 2 pins; Jarrett Weigold 1-1 with 1 pin; Mike Murphy 1-1; JD Schnell 1-1 with 1 pin; Luke McGregor 1-1 with 1 pin; Noah Grandy 1-1.

1/16/20 - JV Boys BBall vs. Carrollton - W (56-51) Blake Stockford led the way with 14 pts, Jake Shelagowski had 13 pts, Shane Renas had 9 pts and Espin Miller had 8 pts.

1/16/20 - JV Girls BBall vs. Carrollton - L (21-32) Sami Seidel was our leading scorer with 8 pts.

1/16/20 - F Boys BBall vs. Carrollton - W (52-51) Caiden Larkin led the team with 22 pts., Aiden Phillips-Davis had 12 pts. and Zach Krueger had 7 pts.

1/17/20 - V Boys BBall @ Carrollton - L (46-64) Points - Michael Zolinski - 15, Jayden Evans - 11, Max Dinninger - 9; Rebounds - Michael Zolinski - 8; Assists - Jayden Evans - 4.

1/17/20 - V Girls BBall @ Carrollton - W (60-38) Sydney Peake had 12 pts., 15 rebounds; Cassidy Peake had 15 pts, Regan Finkbeiner had 12 pts. and Chloe Watson had 11 pts.

1/18/20 - V Wrestling @ Ithaca - Ithaca Invitational was amazing time for wrestlers. We had 8 wrestlers place. Wazny earned the belt. Collins wrestled a senior who placed 3rd at State, he loss by 5 pts. Both freshman deserve placing at this tournament, they fought hard and won.

Jeremy Wazny (189)- CHAMPION

Josh Collins (135)- 2nd place

JD Schnell (140)- 4th place

Mike Murphy (125)- 5th place

Jerry Moore (160)- 5th place

Jarrett Weigold (119)- 6th place

Luke McGregor (145)- 6th place

Josh Wardlow (189)- 6th place

1/18/20 - V Bowling @ Crooked Creek - Personal best for Kaitlyn Marshall with a 174 to keep our point streak alive! Lost both matches, but we were able to win a few points each match.

1/21/20 - V Boys BBall vs. Ithaca - W (43-32) Points - Michael Zolinski - 14, Jayden Evans - 11, Nolan Finkbeiner - 7; Rebounds - Michael Zolinski - 6, Brayden Green - 5; Steals - Jayden Evans - 4.

1/21/20 - JV Boys BBall vs. Ithaca - W (82-49) Bryce Murphy had 19 pts., Blake Stockford had 14 pts, Shane Renas had 13 pts and Espin Miller had 11 pts.

1/21/20 - F Boys BBall vs. Ithaca - W (42-30) Caiden Larkin led the team with 12 points, Aiden Phillips-Davis had 8 points, and Dawson Reidsma had 5 points.

1/21/20 - V Girls BBall @ Ithaca - W (40-29) Sydney Peake led the Huskies with 12 points and 9 rebounds. Chloe Watson added 11 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 steals. Cassidy Peake had 9 points, 8 rebounds, and 2 steals. Reagan Finkbeiner added 5 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 steals while Breanna Turner had 3 points.

1/21/20 - JV Girls BBall @ Ithaca - L (24-41)

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Spaghetti Dinner @ St. Louis

We travel to St. Louis on Friday, February 7th for Varsity Girls & Boys Basketball games. St. Louis will be holding a Spaghetti Dinner prior to the game as a fundraiser for their LINKS Student Exchange Program. It is only $5 for the dinner or just $7 for dinner & the game!

You must text your name and the number of people coming to (989) 763-4594 no later than Feb. 3rd to hold your dinner spot.

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