War of 1812

America Trying To Get Canada

Summary of the War of 1812

The United States and the Great Britain fought in this war. The war took place in both United States and Canada. The war lasted 3 years, 1812-1814. There were a few reasons what caused this war but one of them is British Impressment of U.S Sailors and another is because the British support to Natives on the western frontier. Three Battles of the War of 1812 are Battle of New Orleans, the British chose New Orleans as their last possible objective. The American Forces defeated the British forces as they tried to capture New Orleans. Another battle is Treaty of Ghent. This treaty actually ended the War of 1812, the U.S and the British negotiated a settlement, which ended the war. The third battle is Washington Burned, the British came to Washington and burned down the White House and the Capitol, which happened on August 18,1814.

Causes of the War of 1812

There are three causes that made this war happen, one of them is the British Impressment of the U.S Sailors, British Inference in U.S Commerce (Trade), and the British support to natives on the western frontier.

Effects of the War of 1812

Strong feeling of U.S nationalism and respect having survived 2 wars with England, promoted U.S industry, War heroes like Andrew Jackson emerge, the Hartford convention leads to the demise of the federalist party, Native Americans lose their land and now have a friendly relationship with Canada.