Buildologie Spring Project

What does water mean to people & the societies they live in?

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a relaxing break with lots of friends, family, and food (but hopefully not TOO much food!). I certainly had plenty of all 3 and now have some healthy eating & exercise habits to get back into.

I wanted to keep you up to date on our plans for the remainder of this year - it's a little different this year than before! This is going to be a little long, but I want to make sure you have all the info you need. OF COURSE you are always welcome to contact me with any questions, suggestions, etc.

You and your students should be able to find pretty much anything you need on the Student Resource Site.

Before Showcases

At this point, mentors should have introduced some sensors. Their plan is that they will expose your students to them as options as they attempt to complete missions, as opposed to necessarily requiring them. I believe they should be introducing the Hydrodynamics missions very shortly - perhaps this week.

Research Project

It is YOUR responsibility to manage the research portion of this project. View this as your Unit 8 project (or maybe pre-project?). The mentors are not trained to teach students writing, presenting, & researching skills and are better used for the computer science/engineering section of the project. They are also not expected to remind you to do the research.

With that in mind, I've tried to keep it as simple as possible and am happy to support in any way, including coming into your classroom to support small groups, teach lessons, whatever you need.

Teams choose (or you assign) a topic from the Human Water Cycle: how humans FIND, USE (drinking, washing, manufacturing products, producing food/energy), TRANSPORT, or DISPOSE of water.

As usual, I am fairly relaxed with how you decide to guide topic selection. If the kids walk away with a better understanding of our relationship with water, then we were successful.

In their presentation, they should tell (about 1 slide per bullet - nothing too extensive):

  • What their topic was
  • How people ___ water (e.g., how people use water when manufacturing products)
  • If/how it's done in Anaheim. For example, students reporting on transport would discuss the Santa Ana river bringing our water.
  • Positive/negative effects on humans and the societies they live in
  • A couple ideas on what can be done to reduce negative effects and encourage positive effects

Benchmark may have some text that supports research. Also, I put links to some starter sites on the Student Resource Site to help students research. The resource site is also where students can get their presentation template.

Here is the rubric. You can also find it on the Student Resource Site.

Big picture
Big picture

Showcase/Preliminary Judging

These are earlier this year. Unfortunately, spring break makes them have to be VERY early - see the calendar below. There IS time after spring break, BUT I didn't want to make kids present the week after break, and I can't have preliminary judging go all the way up to the day before Play|Code|Compete - families need more warning about a Saturday event than that.

Important: If there is a date conflict, please let me know ASAP!!!

Big picture


  • Same basic format as the winter ones (unless you have suggestions for improvement - I'm all ears!).
  • Only new thing: you and the mentors will choose the top 5 teams, who will present for the judges the following week.
  • I do not care how you choose them. You CAN use the rubric, but I think you know which teams have been working well together and have real knowledge of the content, etc.

Preliminary Judging

  • The next Buildologie after showcases
  • Just the top 5 teams set up/present for judges (to respect judges' time)
  • Judges choose finalist & runner-up team
  • All other students: watch presentations. They could score along with the judges for fun/engagement if you'd like.
  • I'll give you a parent letter to send home w/ finalists. They MUST bring a signature back in order to attend Play|Code|Compete.
  • If the finalist team cannot attend, the runner-up team will be invited instead.

The Rest of the Year

  • Finalist/runner-up teams polish their project until May 18
  • I'm guessing you'll want to just keep working on missions? Let me know.
  • The last day, I need all teams to completely disassemble their robots and put EVERY piece back exactly where it goes. I did this myself last year and it took 2 full weeks of my time.
  • There will probably be some canceled classes due to testing.
  • We'll end about the same time, right around Open House.

Play|Code|Compete: Saturday, May 18 at Ross

This year, the Scratch-Off has grown up and become Play|Code|Compete, to reflect that it's no longer JUST Scratch. It is an all-day event, with the Scratch-a-thon in the morning, Codologie/Buildologie midday, and eSports in the afternoon. Because these are at separate times, students will be able to participate in multiple events if it works out that way.

I will send more details on timing, expectations, etc as we get closer. I do know, however, that you may not be able to attend since it is a Saturday, and that is completely understandable. Life happens!

Thank you for ALL your support!

I know you all get a lot thrown at you - just want you to know I see that and always try to keep that in mind. Your students get so many amazing opportunities because of all the different things you take on (and/or schedule in)! Keep being awesome!!