Personal Resilience Project

By: Meagan Wilson

My Problem

This year has been very hard for me. Its been hard because I've been struggling in science. It seemed like every quiz or test I took, I would fail it. To over come this, I started to study harder and spend more time studying. Along with that I started to come up with sayings that would help me remember the terms when the test came.

How I Show Resilience

I show resiliency because I could have gave up. After I failed test after test I kept trying. I never gave up even though I wanted to. Failing so may times made me want to try harder. If I would not have failed so much then I wouldn't have been willing to keep trying harder.

How I Did in the Class Overall

Overall I did very well in the class. I passed with a 87 average. What got me through this is studying hard and spending more time studying. Another things that got me through this is my mom. She would push me to study harder and she made me want to try harder. If it wasn't for her I probably would have not cared and gave up.