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True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

#1 Book of the Year

Charlotte is a teen girl who is "proper" and is coming home from a all girls school. She is on a boat with all men which is very inappropriate o herut even she finds a true friend (so she thinks). But when the ex true friend accuses her of doing something she didn't think twice about finding somene new. This murder, friendship, suspensful ,book will have you on the edgde of your seat by the 2nd page!

Very suspenseful and thrilling from the 1st page!~ Regan D.

Very detailed and a wonderful idea.~ Old Ork Times

I could'nt put the book down!~ Excited book clubbers

10 star definently!We should make a movie about this!~ Movie Network

Congrats Avi! You just made me obsessed with this book!~ Over-Readers


Best book ever!~ Old Ork Times

Couldn't put down the book!~J.K.

So emotional!~ Regan D.

Definitely 5 stars!Movie material!~ Movie Star

The Sea Hawk