andrew jackson a zero

what a terrible tenure


he was not quallified

andrew jackson ran on the idea that he was a advocate of the common man and the hero of the battle of new orliens and these are good things but that does not mean he is qualified for the job he had not been a Governor secretary of state or even in the house of representatives and im not sure that would even qualif somone he was a was a good general but that doesn't mean he will be a good presidant

trail of tears

because of the Indian removal act the Cherokee Indians and man other tribes where forced to assimilate move or die and so the Cherokee Indians where forced to move to a reserve whith limited supply and shelter in the middle of winter and b the time the arrived 4000 thousand had died and this was completely unnecessary they where not attacking settlers and the land was not needed and made them leave in winter not only was it immoral it was unnecisary and stupid



a case was brought to the supreme court about whether the state of Georgia could move the Indians off there land well the supreme court sided whith the indaians well now they cant kick them off ther land well Andrew Jackson decided he did not like the outcome so he told them he would just not enforce the laws