Media Literacy Final Project

By: Zach Gutheil

Internet Privacy

1. Two advantages of sharing online are that you can get likes on Facebook and get more friends on Facebook.

Two disadvantages of sharing online are that you can get into legal trouble if you post something inappropriate and that you can jeopardize your job.

2. You should not share your passwords, you should not share where you are going on vacation and you should not share your credit card information.

3. The effect that a negative online post can hurt someone because if you post someone's wall and their boss sees it they can call the person in and fire them and they will not have a job.

Cyber bulling

1. Cyber bullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. An example is when you tell someone on Facebook that they like men and they do not.

2. The bully usually starts with a little thing then if you react to it, they will keep on doing it.

3. The victim can go to a bully site and report it. The website will look into it. You can block the person. To deescalate the situation you can tell a teacher or tell a trusted adult.

Jessica Logan Story

Jessica Logan was an 18-year-old high school senior who sent nude photos of herself to her boyfriend. After the couple broke up the boyfriend sent the photo that was meant for his eyes only to hundreds of other teenagers. The photo sharing led to name calling and taunts at school. Phrases like “slut, porn queen and whore” were regularly spoken referring to Jessica by schoolmates. The taunting continued via Facebook, MySpace and through text messages. After attending a funeral for a boy who had committed suicide, Jessica came home and hung herself in her room.
Jessica Logan

Persuasive Techniques

1. The similarities between the two ads that they are both old and that they both have a photo of the product.

The differences between the two ads are that one ad have a person and the other ad has a car not a person with the car. They are both different brands.

2. The message the ad is trying to accomplish is that you need to go and buy this product because it is the best product ever.

3. The target audience is people who love cars and people who like Marilyn Monore and Shampoos.

Body Image and The media

1. I think that is in inappropriate to digitally manipulate photos because you are not showing the real image. You are just making the person better. You should just leave the photo alone. It will look great no matter what.

2. The effects are that if a man see a photo that the person has mussels that the man want to go to the gym and work out to look exactly like the photo. If the women sees a photo they might want to go get skin sugary to look like the model in the photo.

Violence in the Media

1. The effect of a video game on children is that if they see it in the game they think that this is in real life and they are going to go and try it.

2. I think that the statement is true because the video games a brain washing the kids to think that this is ok to kill people but it is not ok to kill people. If you kill a person you will go to jail for life.

Media Usage

1. It would be hard to give up my iPhone and my Smart TV. It would be hard because I use my iPhone every day and I watch my TV every day and I could not give it up. If you use that technology every day you will have a hard time to give it up.

2. Yes, I do think that teens feel pressure because if your friends want you to do something online and you do not want to. They will keep pressuring you until you do it. If you do it and it was bad you can get into a lot of trouble. Yes, it is different pressure from boys and girls.