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November 2022

As part of the Ministry of Education Tutoring Grant, LDSB is offering an afterschool drop-in Virtual Tutoring Program for Limestone students in Grades 1-10. Tutoring will be available through MS Teams from 4:00-6:00 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from October 11 until December 15, 2022. Tutoring will not be available on PA Days or holidays.

There are three grade groupings for students: Grade 1-3, Grade 4-6, and Grade 7-10. Students in Grade 1-3 will work with tutors to build early literacy skills using phonological awareness and phonics activities. Tutors will provide Homework Help for students in the Grade 4-6 group and Grade 7-10 group.

Guidelines for Virtual Tutoring for Limestone Students

  1. The student must be logged in to MS Teams using their Limestone account. The student’s camera and microphone should be on so that the student and tutor can communicate more effectively.
  2. The student should have the materials that they need with them (ex. Grade 4-10 students should have their homework assignment they are working on). The student should try to set up in an area in the home with minimal distractions for the tutoring session.
  3. There are 4 tutors available for each grade group each night and students can join a tutoring session by clicking on any of the four links for their grade. Students must only use the links for their grade level.
  4. If a tutor is already working with a student, subsequent students will be placed in the lobby of the meeting and then be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis once the tutoring session for the previous student is completed. Tutoring sessions will be 15 minutes long and may be extended, if no other students are waiting. Students may choose any of the links for their grade level. If all the tutors for the student’s grade level are busy, the student may wait in the lobby of a meeting or choose to leave the meeting and then try to join later.

Grade Group Links for MS Teams Virtual Tutoring

**Students must be logged in their Limestone Microsoft account to participate**

Grade 1-3 Literacy

Gr. 1-3 Link 1

Gr. 1-3 Link 2

Gr. 1-3 Link 3

Gr. 1-3 Link 4

Grade 4-6 Homework Help

Gr. 4-6 Link 1

Gr. 4-6 Link 2

Gr. 4-6 Link 3

Gr. 4-6 Link 4

Grade 7-10 Homework Help

Gr. 7-10 Link 1

Gr. 7-10 Link 2

Gr. 7-10 Link 3

Gr. 7-10 Link 4

In addition, TVO continues to provide curriculum-based, free digital learning resources for all Ontarians this year. This brochure provides an overview of TVO’s Digital Learning Resources (2022). Included in the resources available are:

Mathify Online Math Tutoring for Grades 4-12

· Free 1:1 online math tutoring support with Ontario Certified Teachers. Available Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 9:00 pm, and Saturdays and Sundays, 3:00 to 9:00 pm. Students/families can sign up, select a tutor and start immediately.

TVO Learn

  • Over 2,100 curriculum-aligned, grade and subject-specific learning activities from Kindergarten to Grade 8 (including for the new Science and Technology curriculum
  • Grade 9 to 12 searchable high school content for over 140 secondary school courses

Pumpkin Time!

Whoa, those are some big pumpkins with a lot of seeds! Thank you to Henry & Janine Handforth-Posthumus for donating them!
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Ms. E's 5-8 Class

We were introduced to our read aloud book

The Language of Ghosts, by Heather Fawcett, through our involvement in the Forest of Reading program last year. It was a Silver Birch Nominee. Ask your child about it!

After visiting the Community Garden and reading Sometimes I Feel like a Fox, by Danielle Daniel, we completed our nature art and writing to accompany our thoughts on the book.
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Working of our poetry writing.

Turtle Shell

If I was a turtle shell, I would be very busy.

I would have to protect my owner and defend them from predators.

I would want to be a home of a snapping turtle, so I don't have to do as much work.

Being a turtle shell is a very easy job.

All I do is sit and watch.

Sometimes I wish I was in more control and can move myself.

I also get cracked sometimes from predators, but I heal very fast.

I have been switching from turtle to turtle my whole life.

I have seen everything from animals to the whole world.

I have been passed on to all generations of turtles, and am still going on.

-Ethan M.

If I were my cat.

I would be chirping at the window.

I would get all the love.

I could stay up all night.

I would nap all day.

I would not have to go to school.

I could play all night.

I would never get hurt from falling.

I could be a nightmare.

I would break everything I see.

I could be hunting dinner.

I would have a sister.

Problem with pictures of student work from our whole group collaborative work to kick off our work in Patterning.
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School Council 2022-2023

Thank you to everyone that attended our first Parent Council meeting on October 20th.

The elected PAC members are as follows:

  • Chair - Judy Gerber-van Vliet
  • Secretary - Virginia Lewis
  • Treasurer - Angela Macauley
  • PIC Rep - Angela Macauley

The next scheduled meeting will take place on January 12, 2023.

Cross Country

After training for several weeks, the Marysville runners pushed themselves the hardest yet! On top of that, they represented our school and community wonderfully by supporting each other and even cheering on runners from other schools. We’re so proud of them! A special thank you to the parent volunteers who made the field trip possible, and to the younger siblings who exemplified how we “show up” for each other.
Cross Country Oct 14, 2022


Students are invited to wear their costumes to school on Monday, October 31st. We also ask for everyone to dress for the weather as we will be participating in an outdoor game of Marysville Mission Impossible.


Nov 2 - Tacos

Nov 9 - No Hot Lunch (School Trip)

Nov 16 - Homemade Lasagna Casserole

Nov 23 - WIPP Chicken fingers

Nov 30 - Homemade Mac n' Cheese

Volunteers are needed for hot lunches. If you are able to help cook or serve, or would like more information, please email Judy at


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KFL&A Public Health will be at Marysville to administer the hepatitis B, meningococcal, and human papillomavirus immunizations to all grade 7 students and any grade 8 students who missed vaccine does last year. Consent forms were sent home.

Kingston Frontenacs School Game Day!

November 9

Marysville will be joining the Kingston Frontenacs hockey club for their School Game Day as they play host to the Ottawa 67's @ 11:00am. School ticket price is $15.

Ticket orders and permission forms are due no later than November 2nd.


Don't miss out! Order your poinsettias for this Holiday season! These beautiful poinsettias and planters make a lovely gift for that some special on your list.

Orders are due by November 10th.

Delivery is scheduled for December 1st.


Please note the delivery date will be between Nov 7-Dec 9. Families will be notified once a date and times has been confirmed.

Thank you for your continued support of our fundraising efforts!

Remembrance Day

Students and staff will be attending the Remembrance Day Service at the Wolfe Island Town hall on November 11. Thank you to Will and Anneliese, who will lay the wreath on behalf of Marysville P.S.

As the service takes place outdoors, please be sure to dress according to the weather.


November 21-24

The grade 5-8 class will be going to Molly Brant E.S. for a week of Tech with Ms. Rooyakkers. This session students will focus on cooking. Permission forms will be sent home.

November 25 - PA Day

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Safe Arrival - Reporting Your Child's Absence

Please use the Safe Arrival system to report your child's absence; do not call the school to report an absence. If you child is going to be absent from learning, please ensure you use the Safe Arrival system to report the absence. If your child will be late, please report a full day absence and then we will sign them in when they arrive. You cannot indicate a half day absence.

How to report your absence:

1. Toll-free telephone

  • Call 1-855-257-9349 toll-free to report an absence using the automated phone system.

2. School Messenger App

  • Use your mobile device to download and install the free SchoolMessenger blue app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, the SchoolMessenger website portal, or from within the LDSB mobile app.
  • The first time you use the app, you must select Sign Up to create your account. Please ensure you use the same email address your student’s school has on file. If you do not use that same email address, you will not be able to create an account, or may not be able to see the "Attendance" option. You may have already created an account when we introduced the Communicate broadcast system.
  • Select Attendance, then select Report an Absence and follow the prompts.

3. SchoolMessenger SafeArrival Website Portal
  • Visit the SchoolMessenger website portal.
  • The first time you use the app, you must select Sign Up to create your account. Please ensure you use the same email address your student’s school has on file. If you do not use that same email address, you will not be able to create an account, or may not be able to see the "Attendance" option. You may have already created an account when we introduced the Communicate broadcast system.
  • Select Attendance, then Report an Absence and follow the prompts.
LDSB SchoolMessenger App Tutorial: How to Sign Up & Log In
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